NanoBets: 6 Nano MVPs In 12 Months

Recently I launched a private Discord channel called NanoBets. Which is at this very moment slowly growing and I am hoping the current members will become more and more active. But I am sure they will once I roll out the content library and recordings (including podcast etc)

Recently I showcased my newest hardware addition on X, and lots of those recordings will be about documenting the journey when making small, micro or nano bets on projects or sustainable boring business you can build.

Here’s my plan of action and one of the intention I had in mind:

In 2024, starting in January – I will launch 6 small ‘boring’ businesses based on an MVP that someone has to build for me.

That means – 6 MVPS in 12 months

I will call the project FROM ZERO TO NANO.

The nano projects will not be one-time flyers but true MVPs that I can build upon or extend/improve which would fit the OOS brand or business.

The beauty of this? — NanoBets Discord Members will get immediate access to the content library and documentation about my thought process, costs, GTM strategy and so on.


Don’t you have enough shit to do? Yea. I do. But I was always thinking about doing this in 2024 to mix up my content and activities.

The primary reason is to EXPERIMENT with different small projects in different fields and stress test markets.

Keywords: Experiment and stress test.

I feel most people do not stress test enough market shifts and/or add builds that are either monetized or non-monetized but serve a greater purpose in a 3 year horizon.

Along with the Million Dollar Challenge and the NanoBet experiments, I can create a better feel for micro-trends and micro-economy figuring out how much upside there would be in different verticals without burning a ton of money on it.

Most people at the moment do not know how much data I acquire through niche blogging, parsers, smart bots and the volume (over 8 million startups) of startups I track on a daily basis.

However, most of the use cases I have are on a much larger scale and do not apply in very specific dry-run builds.

I want to clarify that I do not do this to bait X engagement nor followers. Anyone that’s been around long with me knows that I drop the occasional mention of stuff that’s going on but rarely go supper aggro on the promotional side of things.

Process & Flow

Here’s my current process (or at least the direction)

  • I am going to find someone that I can work with in 2024 to build me 6 nano MVPs.
  • The MVPs – progress will be showcased internally in NanoBets channel or a private backend
  • Every week, I will record my thinking process OR write up a blog post for this particular category
  • I will include an expense sheet and time spent (more or less). Since I am not a builder or dev, the biggest costs for me will go to development

Types & Industries

I prefer boring. The more boring the better. But I do realize that in nano can not always result in whipping up boring MVPs like that. That means, I might have to make trade-offs and compromises if the economics make sense.

Those Nano MVPs can range from a Chrome extension, a niche blog, a directory or a boring Excel tool. I have not defined the what yet, but I will announce that in the NanoBets channel.


I can’t tell right now. But I am not going to operate from an ivory tower POV but rather try to prove that money can be smart money if leveraged right, on the condition that you have other skills or other areas of expertise.

It’s clear that my costs will be geared towards the initial built itself and I have to carefully select whom I am going to work with on this that can commit him/herself to 6 MVPs for an entire year.

What if?

To answer a few ifs:

If the project fails, or I misunderstood the market/trend or have too hard of a time to educate the audience I will either kill it, put it on a shelf or sell it on a marketplace.

If the project becomes successful, I will consider my choices in either expanding it OR sell it on primary or secondary markets. This yet again depends on the MVP if I go with the idea to monetize it or create extra support in my OOS ecosystem.

If I plan to launch something with no immediate commercial intent, that means to the outside world I deffo want to keep it.

  • Joining NanoBets grants you lifetime access to the Discord Channel and events
  • Link in button goes to Stripe
  • After payment, please reach out to me on X or email and I will add you manually


The purpose, just like my Million Dollar Challenge is to inspire others. Spark aspirations that you can start nano before thinking about building that next unicorn.

Thinking nano in early stage helps you find clarity for bigger achievements. When I started almost 20 years ago, I tossed up a lot of experiments but went in with the wrong perspective.

Of course, my line of thinking has changed drastically and so did my level of experience. But regardless, you should always bet on yourself and stretch the limits that would strenghten your level of confidence.