Heroes Become Villains On X

A while back, someone went back and forth with me. She was struggling with how to pursue X and the type of content.

Advice came from left and right, but all it did was sending her conflicting signals.

She was getting advice from people who need X differently.

I use X unfiltered. And never really pushed anything sales-related, yet lots of sales came from X because of the subtle mentions. I don’t see it as a funnel and I would not give two fucks about growing that audience or following.

The other side uses it as a vehicle to funnel sales for business and build a stronger brand.

She ended up being stuck. Until it hit me.

For a minute there, we forgot that she doesn’t have to sell anything on the platform.

For a minute there, I forgot my DNA is different on X than hers, including the journey I am personally pursuing.

When I mentioned it to her and compared her with myself and others it was clear: She does not need to worry about any of it and just be herself on X. More freeflow and fewer constraints.

Her immediate response was: I feel that weight just dropped off my shoulders and I should not worry about any of it.

And she’s right. Too many people on X started with good intentions, compared themselves too much with others, ending up in the same money X circle.


After this conclusion, I backtracked lots of accounts I follow and others that popped up in my feed. They all changed their narrative.

  • From innocent to shit posting
  • From sharing their progress to posting nothing but MRR charts
  • From impulse tweets to bland generic posts that are scheduled with less appeal than their impulses

Shit, the list goes on. Those whom I once supported or followed are now on my mute list.


What I noticed was that all of them got sucked into “chasing the green syndrome“. And if you put that goal first, you lose the authenticity rapidly.

I understand lots of them are there to make money online and build a business but there are other ways to leverage X into your journey. I feel they betrayed themselves and just became villains in their own stories.

Harvey Dent was not wrong:

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Lots of old accounts I used to follow are:

  • Overthinking what X is
  • Go with the idea they need to entertain others with Tweets
  • Go with the idea that money is a primary factor
  • Not seeing X anymore as a personal journey or platform to tell their story
  • Agreeing with people because they are afraid to speak up
  • Comparing themselves too much with others and want to produce similar content
  • Afraid that if the content should be thought out with lots of emotions
  • Restricting themselves, all because of that.


Anyone that known me for longer than a week knows that my Tweets are so random, unscheduled, and nicheless.

But the way I Tweet or reply to others is reflected in my content, how I talk, on Discord, newsletters and so on.

My DNA is printed in all of what I do.

Lots of them fail to see that X is a vehicle to extend your DNA into who YOU are. Not just all of a sudden become a different individual I cannot recognize.

Imagine me not cursing anymore on X or dropping F-bombs but then you would see me do that everywhere else, except on X. Doesn’t match at all.

One of the reasons I gathered a lot of success (I mean success is relative) is I never changed myself. I don’t tiptoe on X and I deffo not started selling like a maniac.

And yet, LaunchPad for example went berserk and filled at max capacity in no time. Because I never placed money as a primary driver on X and it yielded better results.


X is not a shortcut. Many attempt but fail to see the bigger frame. They are too stuck on vanity metrics and have the urge to beat the amount of likes or impressions the next day or month.

They are focusing on followers rather than a true audience. And whilst they might be doing better sprints than me, X is very much turtle-hare.

1100 followers is not particularly attractive if you follow the numbers game. And if they all drop out tomorrow, my narrative would not change at all.

Don’t chase. Don’t overengineer your long-form posts to please others. Don’t turn into a villain because usually, the worst enemy in your own story is yourself.

If I talk to you on X, I would like to see the same version of you anywhere. Because then I know you’re authentic.