2024 Update #5: Mismanagement

One month in, and I failed to manage my week.

It feels that way at least. There were too many overlaps on calls and I did not allow myself enough time to rectify some shit I had logged.

In other words, I mismanaged my time and whilst it does not look like it’s slowing down from the outside, I faced too many hurdles.

My entire weekend was supposed to be call-free and that got messed up too.

Now I realize how much I value that time again and I just got back to no-calls during the weekend but got disrupted causing me a ripple effect across my usual efforts.

4 days into the week and I am super tired already. Just because my entire weekend got disturbed.

It made me realize how fragile one can be. But I am not going to cave.

What’s New?

Fuck all that emotional shit in times when you’re taking momentum. It’s right there and then that you zero out the emotional side and give fuck all about the ‘I am so sorries’ or the pads on the back.

Not everything is bad.

But this daily post will be a hella lot shorter than usual. Here are the key components:

  • Delta Seven finally took some shape and will be launched low-key in public
  • I am gracefully exiting one person from LaunchPad this week but I onboarded someone new
  • FocusX Panel Pocketsflow: Went great but I need to work on the delivery

Delta Seven

Stuff finally went live but requires a lot of effort to expand to a more detailed version. At least the website exists for now and will be overhauled by a team.

I am also unclear on the cap I want to use from the outside or for myself. Even when I just announced I plan to acquire and/or micro-seed fund 10 projects.

Details will be revealed down the line.

However, I do like this look. PE firm websites usually look so boring. And I want to project a different DNA. Okay fine, I am micro-PE. Minor leagues still but I have to start somewhere until I can reach the 100 Mill mark.

LaunchPad Exit

There were two people I exited. One was under LP sorta speak and the other one separate.

In both scenarios, I told them that I cannot provide any value anymore or I do not see why they should keep paying either.

In both scenarios, they were thinking about it too but did not tell me yet. I just beat em to it.

This made me think:

  • I know my clients or my cases.
  • I know when I feel they have enough.
  • I know when it’s time to just let them do their thing and if they need me, I am there

Most importantly, I was honest with them and there was no need to let them pay for nothing.

I tend to hear that lots of people are just trying to find reasons, keeping their ‘clients’ hooked.

The more I have been working with people under LP, the more I can estimate what it will take and the easier it gets for me to bring them to the objectives faster than anticipated.

On the bright side, these are no goodbyes. And gracefully exiting them this month allowed me to free up space… for a day. Since I got to onboard someone else.

Pocketsflow X FocusX Panel: Glad That’s Over

That was a nice turnout yesterday. FocusX panel becomes stronger and stronger in its presence and this time, it was Chain and I presenting Pocketsflow.

Chain was doing great, explaining all the current features of the platform and nearing the end, it was my turn to speak. I could explain most of the questions, but looking back: Fuck I was not happy.

I re-winded my part (Zoom calls are recorded during FocusX Panel) and I sounded distracted, and all of a sudden I realized that I was too tired to even speak and think.

Half of my sentences were dead. I could see now how mismanagement leads to mistakes. How uncertain I was about myself during the answers. Felt like I was talking to a wall or an empty room with no context.

I am so glad that this is over and I will claim a rematch in a few months from now after we made improvements on PF and I can prepare myself better with a sharper mind.

Another sign that I am still human Kris. Not some AI Sentinel behind a desk.


Have to cut it short because I am going on a call in about 7 mins from now.

But yes, mistakes were made and now I am set on rectifying them. This would mean a small break in the weekend to recoup my powers and work Saturdays on half steam.

I do plan to work on Solsika and mess around with the Faceless YT channel stuff. But need to relocate my efforts. I have enough to go on for the YT thingy, and this is where hiring now will make a lot of sense for me.

We will see what’s coming this week.