2024 Update #4: Field Days

Been a fun week for me personally.

Entering territory I have left untouched for a while adds to my 2024 goals.

I have been betting on media for a long time. But primarily text. And since I am adding voice media to the mix (which is currently still in the discovery phase), there was a desire to branch out to YouTube.

Faceless YT Channels

Sure, I still plan on recording actual interviews for YT for PodBlaze. But faceless YouTube channels are still a trend going strong.

The reality was that I could not find an industry I wanted to enter until now. The keyword is industry because the current experiment is not very niche either.

But that’s irrelevant for me. Since I am working on a shoot-to-try basis.

In public, I prefer not to reveal yet which industry it is, but NanoBets & FocusX members know I am doing the work penetrating a market I adore.

Can say that it’s been a field day when I made my first attempts at discovering new tools and apps that possibly will become a constant in my productivity stack.

On the first day, I spent about 2 hours on getting things right and took a few days to process how I can build a proper process to work with GTO efficiency.

18 Mins+ Rule

Decided to follow my 18 mins rule here, but will probably extend that to 30 mins a day fucking around on YouTube and uploading the first item.

I prefer to time box experiments during the week and then soak in all the progress or learning and possibly allocate ad-hoc some extra time when the weekend arrives.

Don’t see how else I can properly manage it for now until I build that framework to outsource the much-needed requirements.

But just like anything else that is new where I want to grow, I will treat it as a startup.

YouTube isn’t just tossing up videos online and hoping for the best.

There’s so much science and hard work attached to it, just like Pinterest.

I abide by the 18 mins rule because I need to stress test my current bandwidth. I mean, it’s not that I am doing nothing all day. This will progress or change over time until I can move to my golden ratio model where operations become less frictionless.

Speaking of friction…

Pocketsflow BETA Launch

Went GREAT. As in launched in closed BETA for a handful of people and got bombarded right away with bugs and feature requests.

This is why I love closed Alphas or BETAs over public launches.

It helps you focus on the immediate problems at hand without worrying about the rest.

It would not be the first time someone opened up their business and unleashed a tsunami of problems upon themselves.

Closed BETA is great for containment and when you’re in a very early stage, there’s no point attracting problems that can set you back longer than you bargained for.

But, I have been battling with Mailerlite and it set me back on executing a part of my job.

To say the least, it was frustrating that I could not log into the Mailerlite account because they keep asking for verifications on email addresses I cannot verify myself. The irony is that the recovery email was tied to the other email, that led to asking me two verifications I cannot complete coz that loop became infinite.

Anyway, it’s a minor setback for now but will be fixed this week. Also, the frustration led to an opportunity to pull that trigger on YT. So there was that.

I do have a set of items I want to execute for Pocketsflow this week and plan to work on it a bit more structured. Just like YT, I went into the experimental phase here and there to measure capacity and possible outcomes.

Community Manager

This one has also been LONG overdue. There are quite a few channels I operate and one of them is NanoBets. Which is still in infant stages and I have been re-thinking on how to spike engagement and how to attract new members.

One of the first steps was to onboard a community manager. After some talks back and forth, and admitting I know fuck nothing about this space she still wanted to join.

Zeng came on board this week and this will help me declutter the current problems I am facing building a paid community outside of FocusX.

You can follow ZENG ON X HERE.

When she wanted to join, I felt pretty relieved. Because this opens up a box I have been trying to open for so long: Discord.

Whilst FocusX is very successful and that the DNA there is exactly what I want it to be NanoBets is very different than FocusX. And now that there is an extra pair of hands, I can yet again go back to my old school methods: Treat NanoBets as a startup.

Treating it as a startup puts me back into a zone of comfort and there is almost no difference:

  • Define the values
  • Work on the corporate DNA
  • Attract an audience
  • Improve the bolts and nuts of it
  • Expand
  • Interact
  • Work on a GTM strategy
  • Explain why people should sign up

The list goes on.

See, that is something that I can do. I just had to reframe it and with Zeng on board, I can approach it the way I know best.

What Else?

Fuck, just a bunch of random things, but the most notable would be my LaunchPad Program.

I improved the landing page with more info and how LaunchPad works or adds value to their current journey.

It was never clearly mentioned before, and yet I filled up LP pretty fast at almost max capacity.

There’s still some space left, but not for a lot of people. (depending on the plan)

I am going to say that I am satisfied with the current outcome and how LaunchPad works. I did make more updates on it this week on my X account but for those who do not know:

LP has been around since September and started with the Million Dollar Challenge. Except that, I kept running it low-key… until now.


Can’t complain. Been an exciting week and looking back from January 1st, it feels like I progressed faster than I wanted to.

This makes me think I should audit myself again on a bigger picture to avoid burnout and reassess my pace. Progress is great, but I still like a pace that stays sustainable for 365 days rather than 2 months of peak performance and then nothing.