2024 Update #3: Launch And Focus

What a week again. It’s been a week of current launches, preparations and WIPs.

I can honestly say that my newfound disciplines are yielding so much result that I don’t even feel I am doing that much work. After re-shuffling my calendars, my biggest fear was that I might be too crunched on time for execution.

Since lots of time goes into LaunchPad and got so attached to the concept that I need to plan for Q2 to bring it to a new level.

Here’s what happened in the last 7 days:

Pocketsflow – BETA Opening

We’re doing it. Chain and I are ready for a first wave of first BETA users from this week on. In short:

  • We set up the Discord Server
  • Invited a few BETA users
  • Paypal integration has been as good as fixed thanks to Chain
  • Set a date to present it to FocusX Panel
  • Decided to go with a door to door sales strategy until we hit momentum
  • Mapped out overall strategy

This implies more workload overall, but I factored in the time I would need to handle Daily Ops on Pocketsflow.

Our goals are to centralize current feedback through Discord before building a ticketing flow for mainstream users outside of BETA.

PodBlaze: Can’t Believe I Pulled That Trigger

That was long overdue, and it got pushed back because of recording issues where sound was NOT clear at all. For some reason it didn’t work with platforms like Podcastle AI etc.

I decided to go with Adobe Audition, and I must say: I don’t understand anything what the functions or features are.

My current knowledge about the tool goes as far as creating a new recording, press the record button and save it.

But that seems more than enough to get started. The result?

Uploaded 2 bits. 1 AMA and one test sample intro. Which I am going to keep there.

Truth is, I don’t know anything about recording, podcasting or building a content library based on monologues but trial by fire here helped me get past that.

Been going back and forth on the coloring (and logo). But primarily the coloring. I needed to make subtle differences so the brand would still stay uniform but still indicates a differences between the categories AMA, Road To PE, Interviews, etc.

Anyways, I pulled that trigger and I am committed to grow PodBlaze with a private and public content library of recordings.

If you are curious how that progress goes, HERE IS THE LINK TO MY SPOTIFY PODCAST

FocusX Panel Success

Since January 2024, we started organizing FocusX Panel presentations. Every Wednesday someone would present their product/project or startup to our ‘panel’ and we provide free feedback on the actual build or possibly answering questions if they have critical bottlenecks.

But what’s really the cherry on top is that January 17th, it was the first presentation from a true outsider. The first two weeks were presentations done by FocusX members, seeing it as a dry run for the upcoming events.

Paul – @42loops can claim bragging rights with his application Momo.Coach being the first!

He was a bit nervous because he never presented for a ‘strange audience’ before but we’re all glad he pulled the trigger on that one!

LaunchPad: Almost Capped, Yay!

It’s hard to believe that I started this under the Million Dollar Challenge like 4-5 months ago and is now taking up a huge portion of my time per week. But I had set my sights on leaving high ticket consulting and build that alternative, aka LaunchPad.

Now that I am almost reaching my max capacity (almost) I can think about improving what needs to be done and expand LaunchPad with elements I have not mentioned yet in public. (inc. blog post soon?)

But goals are met with LP and achieved in a surprising short period of time. What’s ironic is that LaunchPad is one the items I barely ever speak about in public.

Never tried to sell it on X either. Barely posted about it and never really will I think. This goes to show how far I came building street rep and that lots of people need to think less about sales but more about long-term bets where stars will align.

MVP#1 Directory In Development

After the initial layout that has been crafted by Konstantin, Constantin with a C is now going ahead to build it. ETA will be about 2 weeks from now and that means another seed planted in my 2-5 year game plan.

Things are looking real good here! Someone asked me on X WHY I would launch another directory in a crowded space. But I explained my reasoning somewhere in another blog post.

Whilst I have no idea how it’s developed or designed because I can’t do any of it, I did start to prepare a submission form for people looking to add their project to the directory.

Good news is that I am not seeking to monetize it. Either never or at least not in the first couple years. So submissions are now open.

I have plenty of time to figure out a positioning or GTM strategy. And will outline the tactics in future blog posts.

What I Missed

I was supposed to launch a one-pager for NanoBets and work on Solsika which I stated in update #2. But I flew to Japan for dinner this week and that inflicted a loss of time which made it impossible for me to execute. However I am still setting my sights on finishing it this week (hopefully) and I might find myself a miracle to complete it.

Even if I miss the deadlines, I am not going to stress too much about it. Priorities versus importance is critical.


I can say that this week has been fruitful. Lots of changes are made and progress is significant. I am not entirely sure how many things I truly want to do this week but recording for PodBlaze, Personal Newsletter and onboarding the new members on LaunchPad are a priority.

I keep drilling on the predictability and that pays off. Re-audited my own processes a couple times and improved my personal framework.

I am ready for another solid week.