2024 Update #2: Shuffling My Calendars

Keeping up the streak is doing wonders. Not only in my drive to succeed, but it just makes me more hungry to make bigger and smaller bets.

The last 7 days were pretty intense yet again.

Found lots of clarity in a few items that were burning on my top shelf, and some of them are deployed into orbit. The biggest ones are

But my biggest goal was to re-shuffle my calendar. One of the leaks I had was time allocation. Mainly because the last 6 months in 2023 were not very kind to me as some of you know. And I could not fix this until I rode out the entire year and placed a hard reset on a more predictable schedule.

I did my ’rounds’ in calls to enroll every LaunchPad member and beyond for 2024 goals. Call it warm-up calls with existing and new members. After some puzzling I was able to set a routine on the calendar that I haven’t seen for years because of my involvements in high ticket consulting, which I now phased out.

Mission accomplished.

Except from one call in the morning on Saturday, I am pretty much duty-free or no obligations during the weekend.

Primary reasons?

Mental tax and the ability to spend more time with my wife even though she’s aware I am still working 7 days a week. Except that the 7 days are more controlled on my terms with lots of room to include new LP members to my schedule during the week.

Expanding Media

Not only was I satisfied in how my calendar starts to look, I forgot to re-shape my own media/content calendar. Still a WIP, but we’re getting there.

content calendar OOS

I am definitely betting on daily blog posts for as long as I can, but you notice that my media efforts are set during the weekend.


  • More predictable routine
  • Very little hard goals during the weekend. As in: If I finish those, I am more than satisfied
  • Allowed myself more room for variance
  • Improved my own golden ratio
  • Allows me to work on the PE side and NanoBets

Downsides (currently)

  • Personal newsletter has to be created ad-hoc and can’t be made/scheduled in advance
  • NanoBets recordings are still a bit uncertain, but will figure it out along the way
  • I would need to devote an entire day once to have some more SEO blog content in advance that can be scheduled

All in all, I see a clear path fueling the brand with media assets or new channels of distribution in case I want to de-platform from X and build better more closer relationships outside of X.

What Else?

Well, I tossed the idea around of creating a labs/studio. Where experimental builds with focus on monetization is key.

Doing it alone would be suicide since my skills are anything but dev and design. The labs (name is still undecided) is a collaboration between different people that all have different skills.

I have launched an additional skincare blog for the Asian market in Traditional Chinese, but never really mention that part because it’s lesser relevant in public.

Focus Tasks

Been lacking on a couple items, but here is what I definitely want to achieve within the next 7 days:


11 days in, and I am keeping focused on two terms: stability and predictability. I did shuffle a few things around which led to not executing minor items from my previous update #1 but that’s always counted for.

My biggest win was the personal newsletter, sending edition #1 to my sub base, and honestly I was a bit afraid how that pans out. I am not sure yet how much voice or storytelling I want to embed in my newsletter but will shoot from the hip as of now.