2024 Update #1: Strong Start But…

With 2023 behind us, this first week on X or Discord channels is all about resolutions, business goals and challenges.

And I am no different. I was absolutely determined to start strong and after we got home from dinner, 30 mins after NYE (in our timezone at least), called up Kris from FocusX like half-drunk for actually no reason, went on to take a nap and started blogging at 5AM in the morning on January first.

Decided to turn Thursdays into weekly updates for my blog/journey. And this is what happened so far:

SEO Blog

For months, I was unsatisfied with the layout or shape I wanted to bring seo.blog and whilst I am fan of originality, I went on using the same layout as OOSHQ.

Just because this website supposed to be filled with guides in the future and blog posts and found the majority of layouts not suitable to turn it into what I want.

Last year, I wrote up that Keyword Golden Ratio guide, finally moved it over/redirected to seo.blog and the tone for this domain is set.

I want to press on this domain as much as possible, because the renewal fees for this one are $2000 per year.

The good news? Baseline is set. Bad news? No blog posts or any content except the KGR guide is currently present. So this one will need a LOT of work. But my plan is to document it in Nanobets.

FocusX Panel Solsika Presentation

That was on Wednesday Jan 3rd. Day before Kris reached out to me telling me we have to present Solsika to the group and I was like… fuuuck. Missed that. In fact, I forgot about our FocusX panel lineup but we managed to squeeze in some time and coordinate the presentation.

Here’s what weird for me:

I am not used to present to others. Let alone presenting a startup or project. It’s usually the other way around. But it wasn’t that bad. Because the group was a closed circle and we just rolled with it.

What was failing was that our MVP was not working as intended and the uptime monitoring wasn’t showing. A server side issue I believe but minor.

Received lots of feedback I am still processing but dead set on launching Solsika into orbit this quarter with our Alpha rollout going this week to some users.

LaunchPad – Doing My Rounds

Not only did I partially overhauled already the website and pricing models, but I scheduled calls with each LaunchPad member within the next 10 days. Doing a NYE post roll-out sort of speak and getting everyone back on track. During NYE, I re-read my blog post about the future of LaunchPad and it strengthened my concept of the direction I am heading with it.

Good news? – I am on track to expand it and add the final copy/messaging to the website.

The better news? Someone else just joined yesterday so spots available are becoming more scarce.

The bad news? I literally missed a rollout phone call today because of yet again a timezone issue. (This shit really happened a lot to me lately)

I am already making some fuckups but I will work on that.

NanoBets – How To?

Last but not least, NanoBets private discord channel needs juicing. As in more activity and I have been contemplating how to actually increase users’ activities or engagement without forcing them.

Starting communities is hard. I was aware of that and it took me about 6 months to find some better direction and DNA definition for FocusX. So I am not worried yet, but I am hoping in week 2 of January, some of them will engage a bit more.

I am not 100% sure of the success rate, but it’s not going to stop me from trying. I do think that once I am adding the private content library, interests will peak and questions will flow out of my output but it’s still speculation so far.

Useless Playlist

Yes. I realized I launched Nostalgic Playlist in December and owning the other name uselessplaylist.com was a no brainer to flip up some similar concept.

I kinda want to start pressing on more fun projects this year to build a “Useless Brands Portfolio“. Hoping to do one per month would be maybe ambitious, but not impossible.

I nudged Atunasashimi on X to finally get moving on the We Do Cat Stuff Project this quarter and we better fucking deliver!


Considering it’s only 4 days in, I feel this is a strong start. I could have be a bit more disciplined in a few items but I need to ensure myself not to burn myself too fast.

Things I will work on this week is:

Can’t say that I have nothing to do.

  • For more focused advice or actual coaching, I would suggest to take a look at LaunchPad.
  • If you are looking for a more private circle of entrepreneurs, then you can join me on Discord with FocusX
  • Looking to start out? NanoBets might be a great place to start with.