Surprise for Delta Seven

So, it’s been a while I made an update on the MDC, but I will reveal the next update soon enough.

But I want to throw a little surprise in-between the progress with something I decided before I launched Delta Seven, previously Oos CapX.

What is it again?

It’s the smallest fund that’s not a fund. But rather a vehicle to leverage capital into the challenge.

Long story short: I ‘raised’ $1000 to boost the numbers for the challenge and to use it for day trading and/or other purposes down the line.

Meet: Other purposes.

My plan was always to buy a micro-saas or business once I hit a certain number.

That number was 25K minimum and I am currently at 39K. Primarily through day trades and aggressive mid to high stakes PLO.

After closing lots of consulting jobs and balancing out revenue sources, it’s time to hunt for a business.

After subscribing myself to a marketplace (Tiny Acquisitions) I have been actively hunting for those businesses. And was willing to use 15% of total cash currently acquired/gained through the challenge.

But here is what I did NOT mention (on purpose).

I started Delta Seven as a joke being the smallest fund ever. But I had different motives.

And whilst the ‘raise’ is seen barely as a raise, there were 7 people in the hall of fame willing to contribute to this idea.

And they did it out of genuine support for the challenge.

Now, I am coming clean with the motive:

They actually bought into a business I will acquire without letting them know but they will share the entire profit alongside with me.

I made it very simple:

75% of the business revenue (after taxes and so on) will go to those 7 contributors.

In the event of selling the business at a higher value – I will share the sale with the same contributors

yes, the numbers don’t add up because even if I would acquire something for 10K or more and their total contribution is $100-$300 each, they would not get that much.

But that doesn’t matter to me.

What matters is that they supported me early on and I plan to reward them with hopefully an insanely high number along the way.

An example:

Let’s say the business earns $100MRR

$75 will be re-distributed to the contributors.

Knowing that $75 equals 100% it would go like this:

  • Casey – $100 = 10%
  • Sam – $100 = 10%
  • Aaron – $200 = 20%
  • Godspeed – $100 = 10%
  • Atunasashimi – $100 =10%
  • Lasned – $300 = 30%
  • Mav – $100 = 10%

Now, in the real world does numbers from an equity POV don’t make sense, but the entire challenge doesn’t abide by the traditional rules.

I just try to reach a million dollar in total earnings, and I am happy to share it to early supporters in a creative way.

Good news is that I am planning to acquire a secondary business at a bigger scale once I reach 50K or more which means:

Delta Seven will open a secondary ’round’ for about $4K in total.

Details soon, or DM me on Discord.

But I want to thank the early birds here and let’s go for a home run on the first acquisition shall we?

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