NanoBets: Into Orbit

Not so long ago, I wrote up a blog post about a domain that’s going to cost me over 2K USD per year in renewal fees.

And whilst I indicated that I am going to make that work, 3 weeks later I found some clarity on the strategy and actually launched the baseline of this beautiful domain.

Does the layout look familiar?

Yea… probably it is. And here is my reasoning.

Set Up

For a few months I have been debating how to construct this expensive piece of digital estate. Since I work primarily on WordPress I wanted to find something that can be converted into a landing + blog.

Scouting the market, installing dozens of themes and layouts always made me think: Fuck no, not what I want.

Then I always swayed back to the layout this website is using because the more I am focused on OOSHQ, the more of a blog it will be.

Another reason was: will not have the same audience than here since I am betting a lot more on organic traffic than referred sources such as X.

Truth is, I am not even mad using the same layout. Which I can alter of course over the months or years (coloring scheme, structure) making it not as identical.

It’s obvious that WordPress is the go-to because lots of people don’t know that I also own Kuna Host. A WordPress focused web hosting business using cPanel as its backend, which means I have total control of the resources.

Game Plan

$2000 per year in renewal fees is a hard pill to swallow. (Btw, it’s not my most expensive one…) That would mean if I were to operate this blog for 20 years, I am out of pocket +$40K.

But, there’s reasoning behind it. I already announced on X I am liquidating lots of my domains (around 3000) this year to reduce my headaches and going to bet bigger on a few of my premiums to showcase an ultra strong niche blogging network in public.

There’s also the sense of commitment. By spending that much on it, I am not going to sit around another year and just renew it like the rest.

In fact, I am working on the economics and strategy at this very moment how to go break-even on this 3-letter domain.

The keyword is commitment.

And I am going to commit to this domain in my NanoBets Discord server and outline my thinking process, traffic, keyword research, content strategy, affiliate marketing options, Adsense and so on.


Been thinking about that long and hard. Because writing about SEO alone will not get me very excited. However, I’ve seen lots of similar websites that expanded their topics into… exactly what I want.

But the DNA of the content will be centered around acquiring traffic, customers and optimization through marketing in an organic way.

Would I write most of it myself?

In early stage, definitely. I feel if I don’t print in my DNA into the blog, it will lose its value. Granted that I am not the best writer in the world, it’s a great way to practice or stress test my writing abilities.

I am however, going to invite others to guest post about marketing, SEO or niche blogging and side hustles.

Other than that, I already added the Keyword Golden Ratio Guide to this blog, which I wrote up last year and will continue to expand that section in multiple guides. Whether those will be gated or only accessed by NanoBets or FocusX members is a big question.

The problem I have with the current circles was that they no matter how much I gave for free, it was rarely a two way street. And I am putting a stop to devoting the little time I have left in a day for free to others. I am no charity either.

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This move will also impact this website. Not that I really focused ever on a lot of marketing or SEO at this moment, but now I can make a clear distinction between both blogs.

That works well in my favor, because I can silo the content and work more towards topical authority on


Yea.. big one here. I am no rookie in niche blogging so I can operate with a lot less friction. I know all the major display ad media networks and affiliate platforms.

I need to spend less time on discovery and focus on the actual goals. (remember, golden ratio?)

Apart from the traditional affiliate marketing and display ads, I still lean a lot towards gated content OR selling courses/guides on Pocketsflow or GumRoad (or direct through the website).

But my leverage is bigger than traditional models.

Even if I can’t meet demands for Mediavine for example, or I feel Adsense is fucking up the aesthetics too much of the blog, I am going to promote:

  • Kuna Host WordPress Hosting – since I own it
  • NanoBets – I want to put this Discord Server on the moon
  • Buy A Coffee – hopefully I am getting some coffees through that. But sadly enough last year with the KGR guide, and my most viral tweet ever, zero people bothered or even considered that. Which sent a strong signal why I should not bother anymore with certain circles and stopped supporting Indie builders in their efforts. (I ran lots of social experiments along it, so there is more context to it)


This type of blog is an ideal candidate to build a newsletter for it. And I might as well do so. The challenge is… I just launched my personal newsletter and I need to build more discipline in the Useless Newsletter first.

However, a newsletter for this calibre would attract sponsors from certain verticals which is exactly what I want. And I do believe adding a newsletter here will help me reach the goal of going breakeven.


The difference between some random niche blog or this one is… I will be working very structured and treat the entire thing like a startup. Since my net losses are ridiculously high from day 1 for a concept like this, I need to work on it with a GTO strategy that’s not only efficient but nets me more than 2 grand a year.

Just like most things, the entire process and details will be revealed through NanoBets Discord server where I reveal my blueprint.

I do know that this particular domain is too attractive to let it take dust, and I considered a lot of variables before buying it. But my upsides supersede the immediate losses and my biggest hedge will be Kuna Host to offset traffic or brand awareness for one of the most common and boring businesses I currently run in the background.