MDC Update #4: Rockets & Adjustments

3AM, and for me it’s already August 16.

I started August 1st and… well it’s on track to say the least. 

Lots have yet happened this week and it’s time to organize my thoughts, including noting them on ‘paper’.

There’s a lot to cover, but will try to make it as compact as possible.

The good news is: I made it over the 10K mark today for the first time, setting the total earnings on $10409, in 15 days.

So how did I made jump from the last update at $3992 over 10K in less than a week?

Here are the key takeaways:

Consulting with Insight Sigma

Well, Insight Sigma is the consulting ‘firm’ I started immediately as my first doorway earning revenue.

It was the most logical play, since I can do this without overhead, or not lots at least.

I landed a few 10 hour deals on top, and finish strong, someone asked yesterday:

How many hours do you have available at the moment? 

With the intention to book me full.

I said: I calculated I could do 66 more hours at the moment and that was the limit.

He said: Fine, I take 50 hours of your time. And there it was. I landed a $3k deal in a 5 mins convo.

2 things:

I hear people say, but you undersold yourself at a $60/H rate?

Yes. I did and I am okay with that.

  • Because I am trading off my time at a lower rate to acquire runway as I was dead set reaching 10K as fast as possible.
  • Because I can focus on a few clients rather than dealing with tons that would hire me for a few hours or one. So it makes a lot of sense for me to go for it during the challenge.

This leaves me with only 16 hours to sell currently at this rate, before I will increase it since my time will be more valuable.

That’s based on my current load, runway I have and how I will balance between a few items that will deliver short-term aggressive growth.

The funny part is, I flipped up the consulting website in 24 hours and it’s not even finished yet.

You can see it for yourself:

Day Trading

I kinda took some bigger risks than usual in early stage. But that was intended.

I figured, I could trade profitable because the market conditions were ripe and I could cut losses early on, in case my math was wrong.

But before I get into that, I want to clarify a few things.

Oos CapX

There was a joke going on since the beginning of the MDC. One of our FocusX members supported me with $100 but classified it as ‘angel investor’.

Claiming he could call himself VC now in his X bio. (or Twitter… still feels unnatural to say X)

It hit me.

I could leverage my current status and OOS brand into the challenge, building a ‘hedge fund’ that is not a hedge fund but still ‘raises ‘ money from the outside.

We’re not talking about millions here.

We’re talking about Benjamins, and basically small contributions from supporters or followers in the Discord Channel.

Meet Oos CapX. The smallest ‘fund’ in the world with $100 AUM.

Started as a joke in a chat, but then I realized… I could embed this under the challenge as a ‘fund’ and make it recognizable.

After all, not everyone understands day trading, but most of the audience knows a fund. (in some sorts)

Since the challenge is built on different elements, it might be hard to track for some and by naming it, I have a better way describing it for future references.


I announced Oos CapX was born in the Discord channel and I was ‘raising’ 1K max.

Took me about 2 hours before people sending me $100 as a contribution. 

But was it a contribution?

Here are my terms:

This is my disclaimer:

Yea… not so much of a fund is it?

But people were enthusiastic, and just wanted to chip in and hopefully reap some benefits afterwards. (THANK YOU!)

2 hours later, 1K was in and could be added to the stack.
With the sole purpose of using it under a day trading structure in phase one.

I would then add earned capital from consulting on top of this so I could start trading with a bigger bankroll and slowly work my way up.

The problem was, I did not reach the 10K mark yet. But that did not prevented me from trying.


I loaded up some capital, and I prefer to trade Asian session first. And noticed a huge leak and shorted the German Stock Index.

Long story short, End of the day, I made about $1.4K in day trading earnings and that pushed me over the 10K mark finally.

I made it to the finish line, and that pay jump put me at $10.4K

Mission accomplished. 

Going from zero to something was already hard enough, and 10K was not even in sight. 

But yet, I managed to pull that off in 14 days (or 15-ish)

I think that calls for a celebration!

Other events

Two extra milestones happened:

  • I started playing PLO, online poker and currently made over +$500 net
  • I started a launchpad, which is a premium private discord channel.

Oos’ Launchpad

I am diversifying. And to make more sustainable and zero out risk, I started a premium channel.

Whilst that one is still in infant stages, I have one member already that was happy to go in.

What’s the launchpad?

Well the launchpad is basically a mix between a personal growth incubator, consulting and private chats about your business.

With a max enrollment of 10 people in private.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to move the needle for you, with you.

That means that you do all the work, but I will be available to steer you in the right direction.

That includes me giving you milestones and tasks on a weekly or monthly basis and push your limits.


  • So I can bring builders from zero to one.
  • I can help them creating a better sense of commercial and business acumen
  • I can help you be consistent in your efforts
  • Have 1:1 focused calls about progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

My observations on Twitter/X were that most of them are great and genius in the built, but lack fundamentals pushing their product to market. often struggling acquiring their first paying customers.

From an MDC POV?

Some of the reasons are:

  • I will be able to balance out my time more with a focused group than only consulting.
  • It provides me MRR, and some sorts of fuel to save up in case I hit a snag along the way in more riskier avenues

Price tag?

I compiled two tiers. one is $99/month, the other one is $249/month.

@maxim took the first spot, and that adds my official MRR to the challenge.

Whilst Oos’ Launchpad is still early days, I plan to add templates, internal docs and valuable info for those joining.

Want to secure your spot? Ask me on Discord and I will send you a Stripe link.

So there is that, and now my game plan:


My goal was clear from day 1. I want to reach the magical 10K asap. And I did.

I wanted to sprint like a maniac so that I could provide myself with dry powder and a portfolio of bets I can execute on a a daily basis.

The entire time, I am thinking about de-risking myself and how to make my days not dull.

By de-risking, I mean striking a balance between stable income flows versus riskier channels such as online poker, day trading.

So far, I managed to build up the following giving it a score based on risk.

  • Insight Sigma, consulting – 8/10
  • Online Poker – 3/10
  • Day Trading Oos CapX – 6/10
  • Oos’ Launchpad – 8/10
  • Niche blogs – 7/10
  • Pinterest Guide – 9/10

By mapping it out, I can see how unbalanced or balanced I am currently and I will compile a graph soon. But the stats and earnings are also found here.

I make decisions currently based on exposure and risk parameters. But keeping mind that I hedge my long-term goals and short-term growth with different types of revenue stream to take a hit down the line.

After all, variance will get to me at some point. And I am always assuming a disaster might head my way.

However, it’s not stopping there.

I have a plan.

Road to 25K

The road is now open to 25K.

And I have set my mind on acquiring a micro-saas sooner rather than later.

In theory, it will work. And by neutralizing risks (exposure) I can get there.

Here is the primary reason I day trade:


Day trading provides me faster access to capital and I plan to save up % per profitable day.

Set it aside to acquire a small project.

Based on my estimations, I would need anywhere between 3-10K for buying the first one. And that’s my target.

Whilst day trading is not the only source of income now, I plan to save up % per revenue channel.

This means, I would get to 25K in capital first before acquiring one.

On paper that looks great. And whilst the outcome is far from predictable, this is the milestone that would place me on a hyperbolic trajectory to 50K.

What else?

Between now and 25K, I plan to optimize and add 2 more niche websites to my stack.

I plan to build an e-commerce in the background. Which will be coffee subscription based business.

I’ll be puzzling my overhead and add new tools to my stack, since I have some room to boost productivity.

I want to optimize Oos’ launchpad and get to 10 members


Not everything was serious business.

Few things happened in my Discord and on Twitter.

@Anton, is going to play the main event in Valkenburg and was selling stake. I took 25% of his buy-in. (this is outside the MDC)

Anton also did a GREAT job setting up the Land of Oos Discord channel and it’s looking 1000000% better than before. 

@Konstantin, the maker of created an awesome GIF for me when reaching 9K and 10K. And he’s now creating a tutorial for me how I can do this myself.

Since my design skills are below zero, this will be a great starting point to understand functions in Figma.

He’s making it out of goodwill, but I want to compensate him. Which he responded: ‘pay what you feel like’.

This will be a cost added to the MDC, because Figma is on my checklist to learn.


All in all, this week has been a rocket.

A true spaceship pushing me over a legendary milestone in 15 days.

I am so excited to continue showing that it’s doable going from zero to a million. 

I am equally thankful for the people in Discord that joined early on and lots of engagement going on in such an early stage.

Thanks, and hopefully see you in the channel if you haven’t joined yet!

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