$2K Domain Renewal: Worth It?

A while back I bought a domain and the renewal fees are about $2100 per year. Every time I bring up that particular topic people either called me nuts or admire my commitment.

But it’s a bit of both. And here is why:

How It Started

Cannot remember exactly but it was more than half a year ago.

More often than not I see the same questions about SEO and how to start with SEO with zero experience or knowledge.

What tilts me is that most advice is… garbage. In the sense that out of all those so called SEO experts on X they just talk about long tail and volume and rarely go in-depth what can truly be valuable for a beginner.

So, I wanted to fix that.

I was so sick and tired about it that after seeing another post I decided to whip up a guide in SEO for beginners that actually made sense.

It took me 4 hours to write, and the KGR guide was born, under the domain keyword.cyou.


The guide skyrocketed in certain circles. Being one of most popular guides for beginners for a while, and even today people recommend reading my guide.

I then tossed it aside, because it was just a one time thing that I wrote up but now I am reconsidering my choices.

Right, because I bought a domain that costs me over 2 grand in renewal fees and I need to make it work.

How I Got There

I have a Million Dollar Challenge to build and to finish, and my initial plan was to find an SEO related domain name (.com) where I could build:

  • A landing page
  • Extend the Keyword Golden Ratio Guide into an actual course
  • Productize more knowledge and sell it to an audience for the sake of keeping pressuring myself finishing the MDC
  • ….

Then, I bumped into this beauty:

A sidenote before diving in deeper: I am also a domain investor and own a portfolio of over 10000 domains at the moment. Whilst most of them are .com, about 12% of domains in my portfolio are in different extensions.

And yes you read that right: $2183 renewal for a domain every year. So that would mean owning it for 20 years at least would set me back over $40K USD in renewals on the condition that renewal fees won’t go up.

I bumped into the name and saw seo.blog open for reg. Hefty price tag. But took me about 2 minutes to pull the trigger and own it.

I hear everyone already saying: Why not buy a cheap version and slap some random words to it.


I don’t like that attitude.

That’s the same with people building an AI driven SaaS buying xxxxxai.com for $10 instead of owning an actual xxxxx.ai name for $75 per year. Their reasoning is:

  • I don’t want to spend so much on a name for my brand
  • Why pay so much when I can just alter my brandname and slap AI in the end
  • Same people would be ok spending 2K on a gadget but won’t fork up an actual justified cost that helps them build a business.

Anyways, I decided to buy it and here’s how I justify my reasoning:


  • I like short names and memorable. 3 letter words with lots of great or relatable extensions are worth premium for me. Whilst 2K might be an overkill for most domains, I have a way to make those renewal fees back.
  • I already run a niche blogging network. It’s also part of my PE investment thesis and there is enough data for me build a nice blog that converts into traffic and monetize it through media ads, affiliate links or sponsored posts.
  • I plan to actually build an entire SEO course that can be sold for a fair price on this blog and Pocketsflow, where I extend the KGR method into more advanced tactics and often not shared by ‘SEO experts’ because they would lose their edge. Especially niche bloggers.
  • I want to make a strong commitment to a domain instead of shelving it like the other 9000 or so that I placed on sale in the retail and wholesale market.
  • Bragging rights. Yes.
  • I plan to merge older niche blogs I have into one major one so my team and I have lesser distraction and more focus
  • I only need to make about $5.75 per day on average if I want to go break even on my costs. Excluding labor or time spent. Which is pretty easy to achieve if you’re seasoned in niche blogging
  • Mapped out an outreach strategy to invite SEO experts or experts in their field to talk about organic growth

Do I find it worth it? Fuck yes.

I see no reason why not I have clear plans in building an asset that can return me 10X a year at least.

Is it a lot of work? Fuck…. yes. But never stopped me building more assets or nano bets in a framework where I have so many moving parts.


OK, here is where I failed since I regged the domain. I was busy patching things up aka backlog because of personal life and family and I am responsible for paying clients in consulting or LaunchPad.

Currently the website looks… garbage. Only added (read copy paste) the KGR guide and a few articles but I am not satisfied with the layout anyways.

So in January 2024, this website will be overhauled with a new coat of fresh paint.

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog post on this kickass domain, then feel free to reach out.