PodBlaze: Betting On Voice Media With Challenges

Yea… yesterday I sent out a first personal newsletter with the things I plan to focus on, and forgot to include PodBlaze.

Which is a human error. My moronic brain forgot a few things or two, including correcting the number of things I am planning to work on in 2024.

I forgot to include PodBlaze because I have not set a clear path for it, and by blogging about it, it might give me more clarity.


Well, 2023 was all about pre-season and warmups in the little leagues. But 2024 is packed with new endeavors and Podcasting will be one of those.

Truth is, I always wanted to expand to this to build more personal brand equity but never saw fit until I decided to move to micro-PE.

One of the challenges that I had was that I want to build PodBlaze differently with my DNA printed into it.

I registered this domain last year and once in a while I went back to find the right approach and couldn’t nail it, until December 2023.

I was going back and forth on Spaces on X and all that, but it seems that so many conversations are getting derailed by other speakers that it’s hard to moderate.

Not excluding hosting a few Spaces, but it will not be the main driver.
I listened in on several ones from different circles the last couple weeks and some are really utterly boring, like two people just talking to each other over a cup of coffee.

And I do believe that streaming/hosting spaces should hold immediate value for listeners and speakers, and not talk like they’re hosting a casual chat about the weather.


PodBlaze is not just podcasting, or at least that’s not my intention. So I broke it down in different brackets.
Some of them are public, others are exclusively reserved for FocusX and NanoBets members.


That’s an obvious one. I want to build a series of interviews with founders or leaders that can talk about their trajectory or a specific topic they want to share with an audience.

This will include guest speakers that are interested throwing their 2 cents on different areas.

Guest speakers should be experts in their field, whether they are entrepreneurs or not is irrelevant. But I would also like to invite speakers that just started, or share their current journey and the challenges they face. Drilling on reality instead of glorifying the entrepreneurial route.


Yes, this is going to a hard one to tackle. I have been talking about recording monologues for NanoBets and FocusX for a while now and did some tests (but the sound is not recording well apparently).

The major feedback I got was that… it can become very dull and that might be true.

But I am still going to bet on it. Because the monologues should not be hours long, but can be short bites (from 1 minute up to 10 max)

My idea was that people can throw in their questions at me in the AMA channel in Nanobets, which I can then respond in kind through a monologue rather than typing it, if the answer requires more depth.

It would be part of a content library that is obviously gated through FocusX and NanoBets.

It was also a commitment and promise made to both paid Discord groups and this would increase the value on either of them.

The good news? I can create the content once and distribute it to multiple Discord servers behind closed doors.

Theme Group Calls (NanoBets)

I want to record on Zoom with other members themed group calls where structure or intro given by me can lead to open group discussions with moderation (so nothing gets derailed too much)

I do believe that lots of the people I have on Discord are willing to join in on a themed group calls and those that missed it can still catch the info post-recording.

See it like a Spaces on X, but then more private. Because I became much more of a fan of closed communities where you get to know the actual people than ‘flings’ or followers on X.

FocusX Panel (FocusX)

These Zoom presentations are also recorded, but only shared within the group of FocusX and the guests that presented their project, which is called FocusX Panel.

I added it under PodBlaze for branding reasons and I consider PodBlaze the hub for all voice media. But I am unclear how to define that. Ideally it’s just part of social PR to get others lined up presenting their business.


But with something so new for me, come a lot of challenges. And whilst I am not shy taking on bets, I need to work on my game.


I have a lot of phone calls during the week. Mainly with LaunchPad members and my schedule can be… somewhat messed up sometimes.

Whilst one of the goals is work on my ratio work-sleep, I do catch myself sometimes not finding the right words which affects my speech.

But even if I am 100% awake, my speech is not the greatest. I might take speech lessons to avoid the pauses, euhs and repetition of stop words.

Sometimes, when the level of conversation goes a tad higher, I struggle with pronunciation which is a skill that can be taught.

There’s a high probability I will hire a speech coach this year, not only for PodBlaze but to improve my English speech.


It’s not my first language, and I read and talk in 4 different languages every single day of the week. And that soaks up a lot of brainspace.

It can be draining and making constant switches results in a loss of creativity or choice of words.

Yes, English is a big driver for me on a daily basis, but it’s actually NOT my most important one.

I am currently taking courses in traditional Chinese, because I am slacking and I need to master that language a lot more than English.

But there’s a need to jack up my English level bigtime, if I plan to turn PodBlaze into a bigger brand so my choice of words and expressions are educational and entertaining at the same time for the audience.

I do also know that this would greatly benefit me to improve my blogging style and content so why not.


I know fuck nothing about all of the above. I never truly coordinated podcasts, interviews nor recorded professionally AMAs for my Discord members.

So I am going with a trial by fire method but without losing sanity.

I am hoping to get some free passes from Discord knowing I am going to learn it on the fly but not expecting them to be too soft on me either.

Sigh, more challenges. Who would have guessed?


Out of all the things I am planning to do in 2024, this scares me the most. Because there are so many elements that can wrench my plan.

Usually, my decisions are based on past encounters, data driven plays or at least where I can cover more than 50% through skills acquired.

But here, it’s basically a hard reset on skills and knowledge.

But it’s not going to prevent me from treating PodBlaze like a startup, with the same golden ratio method I am applying everywhere.

Of course I will use my ‘voice media department’ as a vehicle to talk heaviliy about my own journey and PE, and bring exposure to either the MDC, micro-acquisitions or MVPs I am launching.

My upsides are there, it’s up to me to reduce my downsides and challenges.