Pocketsflow: Going Into Beta Launch #1

I wrote this up during my trip in Japan, and this is merely an intro post.

For a while now, Chain and I decided to team up and co-found Pocketsflow. All credits go to him starting the business but it’s one of those where onboarding co-founders and a team will make a more sense.

I have seen plenty of starting entrepreneurs or ‘Indie Hackers’ (fuck I still hate that term) launching one after another to see what sticks. Witnessed others failing for 2 years in a row before they made a breakthrough but then there are those that have been betting on one business at a time.

Just like Thomas and Usevisuals, Chain focused on building a platform that I supported from day 1.

What Is Pocketsflow?

The short answer? A Gumroad Alternative.

The longer pitch? – A platform to sell your digital products or services with highly customizable product pages for the seller/creators, lower fees, and one-click upsells.

Who & What?

Our ICPs are pretty broad. From course creators to Notion template sellers or ebook publishers. The current interface and backend makes it almost dummy-proof for new creators.

What’s The Plan?

I cannot reveal too much yet. And the end of the year was a bit special. We faced a slower Beta Launch than expected because PayPal has been going back and forth with Chain since last year September already.

But we decided to pull the trigger anyways, and NOT to wait for PayPal and launch the BETA. Standing still is worse than making any progress so here is what are going to do for now:

  • We opened a Discord server for BETA users first. In return for feedback the actual commission fees will be 0% forever (outside of the card or other fees which are standard)
  • We are currently working on a better logo
  • Will hire someone to do a brand audit
  • Improve the onboarding process once out of BETA
  • Invite the rest of the waiting list to BETA, with a strong privilege or preference from NanoBets Discord and FocusX Group
  • Build a process driven framework to stress test the volume

Most importantly, Pocketsflow is a marathon and not a sprint. We work primarily on a breadcrumb model (a model where you work in volume to become profitable which requires a lot of users to see substantial earnings)

I am going with the door-to-door principle and reach out to one creator at a time, until it hits momentum. After all, the goal is that creators will use the platform, others will touch it (buy and sell side) and organically grow its user base.

We are in a very early stage of the build or business, but after a few phone calls we have found a good go-to plan with lots actionable and achievable goals from the DEV and OPS side.

BETA public sign-up list will be available until Friday January 19th


I am very excited bringing Pocketsflow with Chain to a level like Gumroad and beyond. But just like anything else, you dont want to overplay your hand in early stage and our biggest challenge will be reaching mainstream adoption. However, there are sources and resources I can tap into once the platform has reached some maturity and a few features have been implemented.

There are expectations that the creator economy will grow to 500 billion USD by 2027, which gives us some room to build an edge before numbers will reach new highs.

See you at the BETA launch? — Sign Up here