Personal Framework

2 days ago, I tweeted I’ll be making attempts using ChatGPT after a year. Used it twice in total and never bothered. Even after ‘fuck around’ Sundays, I am still not utterly excited or convinced I need it (yet). My personal MO or framework is built differently than the team I have. They use it, but I stepped aside on that part and let them do their thing.

But there was someone that made me think a few things through based on his reply.

I did respond to it on X, but I want to highlight this in a blog post a lot more in-depth.

First two things I want to address are:

  • not leveraging AI is a liability
  • I don’t consider working with anyone who doesn’t use AI for productivity


As much I try to agree with this, I can’t. And here is why:

What Liability?

Since when is considering NOT using AI a liability? It’s not because AI increased by popularity since ChatGPT and OpenAI that all of a sudden anything else is voided.

But this is where I see how some don’t know enough about AI. I have been using AI and Machine Learning for years in different applications or dry runs. Been tracking the market of AI for a decade.

ChatGPT is not AI. AI is a much bigger industry. ChatGPT is just an accessible tool for end-users or any household.

Even then, the claim that I am building liabilities because I am not using ‘AI-ChatGPT’ is wrong.

My observation is that ChatGPT was and still is in infant stages, and by ignoring a year of noise, trials and errors and see more GPT wrappers fail than actually survive is by choice.

There is a difference between a short hype cycle or an industry that is here to stay.

AI is here to stay, ChatGPT fueled the interest in AI, but it was there already.

  • Is it a liability if I ignore a tool for a year?
  • Is it liability if I let others fuck around for a year with it whilst I am staying on track within my framework?
  • Is it a liability if I first reach the actual goals I supposed to do and then learn much faster ChatGPT once the initial honey moon phase is over?
  • Is it a liability to not fix what’s not broken in a framework I am currently using and still advance faster than a lot of people?

I am very much for the ‘change is progress‘ motto, but change or adding new variables to an existing framework is not something to take lightly. Especially when working at scale where you’re not solo.

Similar to corporations where they make transitions. But transitions don’t happen overnight. It’s tied to a cycle of 6-18 months before let’s say switching platforms or embedding it into their internal process.

I don’t see NOT using it as a liability. For me it’s a smarter choice to ignore ChatGPT and the noise first.

Going to sound like a broken record, but my favorite quote of all time applies here:

Greats never sacrifice the important for the urgent. They handle the immediate problem and still make sure to secure the future.

No AI – No Go?

Kinda weird to say. In my opinion. Why are people lesser because they don’t use ChatGPT (or apparently AI here as a whole)? You were perfectly fine working with people without the use, and now there’s a change of heart because AI equals productivity?

Boosting productivity comes in many forms. And I can perfectly function without ChatGPT.

Is there AI use? Barely. For AI transcriptions maybe or recaps of long emails through Superhuman. But my current productivity stack and daily ops works without firing up ChatGPT.

I observed lots of people on X obsessing over the use of ChatGPT and how it can increase their productivity. But majority is still lagging behind me in doing the actual execution or finding a framework that works for them.

  • Can I improve? Always
  • Can I find ways to boost? I am here to find out soon enough with ChatGPT, Claude or Bard
  • Is it a necessity? No
  • Do I care if people use it or not? No
  • Should you write off people because they don’t use it because you do? Fuck no

I strongly believe his take was wrong and each path, framework or approach for each individual is different. What works for one, doesn’t mean that same playbook is magically applicable to someone else’s.

There are lots of X users sucked into hype cycles or lie to themselves that there is a must need/try now mentality abandoning their core base too fast.

What Will I Do?

It’s very simple. 2023 was a strong rollercoaster and by choice I ignored the fuzz. My sole objective was to reset somewhat my own timetable and not taking on calls anymore in the weekend.

I considered trying out ChatGPT (for myself) again after a year in the form of experiments with clear time box management. How much time I currently want to allocate to it is unclear.

If I can see an increase of +15% or more in my outputs I will re-think my framework. If it’s under 8%, I will toss it in the bin until I see fit. Those numbers are coming from somewhere, because I measure my inputs, outputs and progress through blocks and GTO efficiency with an EV model (on top of the golden ratio model)

But please, before you generalize the idea that it’s a must or a blocker because others are not embedding it yet in their flow that doesn’t mean they can’t beat the shit out of you in business or revenue.

It’s not because others aren’t using it, that they lost their edge in a bigger market than just X alone.

I will do what I see fit, kill what’s coming my way and operate the way it works for my entire entity/holding.