Brand Equity: Betting On Yourself

Creator economy grew significantly over the years. And it’s unlikely going to slow down in the short term future.

A big part of your business and the brand is your personal brand attached to it.

Lots of people ignore the fact that your business should be an extension of yourself in a way.

Your business should have traces of your DNA into it.

Lots of solo entrepreneurs and creators go with the ship fast mentality but rarely think about the concept corporate DNA.

Yes there is a lot more to it, but after 6 months of increasing my activities on X or Discord, I grew significantly with the OOS brand.

People undervalue the personal branding aspect.

This is how it started with OOS and where I think you should bet a lot more on yourself:


OOS was a nickname I used back in the good old days of Half-Life.
I was a TFC (Team Fortress Classic) player and moved to CSGO.

For whatever reason I picked this nickname when I was 12 and stuck to it… well until now.

Except, a year ago or so I decided to use it on X.

Turned OOS into Out Of Sigma – because I found it fitting from my perspective (I am operating low-key or outside of a pact and definitely operating on my own terms, being unfiltered)

Fast forward, OOS started as a joke – expanded to the name Out Of Sigma and that joke turned now my entire personal brand on X, Discord and beyond.

And since I am still reflecting on my past 2023 efforts or events, I couldn’t ignore this topic.

Many around me, especially the members from FocusX saw the name OOS grow overtime.

Around June 2023, I knew I should double down on it and turn it into an actual brand. So I started puzzling a few things together with the much needed trial and error and experiments hiding in plain sight.

Here’s what I want to share with my audience.

Don’t Be Afraid

Developing a public personal brand requires confidence and the ability to believe in yourself. And doubling down on who YOU are, reflecting that in public is what most people do not do.

They are afraid of being judged unless they follow the same lines and public statements made in their circles. Agreeing on things you don’t agree with because your X circle does so is not building a personal brand. It will only become a rabbit hole where you might start to devalue your own principles.

I went my own way with OOS. Being pretty much unfiltered and very inconsistent in my content or subjects I would talk about.

Because I am so irregular and go from serious topics to tweeting single words like ‘bananas‘ it set a tone of who I am. I don’t carefully plan any of it. I just do it. And I extend that line in my activities.

The opposite will happen: People actually start to respect your path and are far more keen to know what you do, how you do it (especially that) and realize there is more out than an ABC playbook.

Do Something Unusual

Looking back, I went from nothing on X to someone that gets somewhat attention. But I never really aim for followers or engagement. My content is and will be never designed to farm engagement.

I see X as a vehicle to express myself and share particular things along the way. Some of the things I started with and got lots of attention were:

The combo of unusual and refreshing without talking about what anyone else does has set the tone of my personal brand for the upcoming years. And that’s exactly what I wanted.

People will remember… memorable shit. And crafting a story is only as good as the author.


Look at the top Gs on X. Seasoned entrepreneurs, solos, Indies,… name it. They all have one thing in common. They craft great stories in their journey. They go outside the lines of a playbook and make it work.

People still remember the Million Dollar Homepage today, and that was a great story. Today, that individual is I believe majority stakeholder or owner of the Calm app. But what’s weird is that nobody knows his involvement in Calm. They all remember his initiative selling pixels for bragging rights.

It’s those stories that will highlight your career or path to success. It’s those stories that strengthen the DNA of your personal brand.

OOS Brand Is Going For It

Looking forward to 2024, I already decided in August (when starting the MDC) that I am going all-in on OOS. I turned that joke into something I can depend on for years and I considered 2023 pre-season.

For lots of people and outsiders it was not making sense, until I started blogging more and went on sharing my personal trajectory, goals and initiatives. Now they see the why, and lesser question the decisions I made.

It’s up to me to strengthen my position in 2024 and that’s what I plan to do. With my recently acquired new podcast setup and microphone, I have plans to host podcasts, build a content library for NanoBets and FocusX, conduct interviews and do regularly themed spaces on X.

I am looking forward to make those bigger bets on myself and so should you. Your personal branding and presence will help you accelerate personal growth and possibly traction for your business. But it will require sheer will and consistency to get there and that will separate you from the bottom.