Coat Of Fresh Paint

I’ve set my mind in changing things up in 2024. December is a month where I kept shuffling parts of my business and framework figuring out if it would make sense.

Whilst I am going pretty much all in on PE, I do have other parts that are very much alive but will be overhauled in 2024.

I made a list of currently the most significant changes that might or might not affect my time, liquidity and mental tax.


I usually consult higher ticket clients. Ranging from $5K up to $50K for specific cases. And my current audience on X is and will never a be a good fit (usually) because it’s out of their bankroll and scope.

I was set to phase out consulting on a more higher level and that decision will stand. Aiming for a more balanced version for myself that requires lesser brain space or mental tax.

But during the Million Dollar Challenge I added two platforms that served the following purpose:

  • Insight Sigma – Consulting for people on Discord and X in a more reasonable price range
  • LaunchPad – A more hands-on approach where I take builders from zero to something at a fair price

Both helped me in early stage to obtain some revenue that helped me boost the challenge from 0 to 20K and more.

I feel it served its purpose and wanted to kill it in silence.

But then I realize: I love the aspect of coaching and consulting a little too much to just let it go. So I decided to make some drastic changes:


Insight Sigma will turn into a business blog where I will interview founders by e-mail and invite guest bloggers talking about their industry and/or business.

This will help them to provide some extra exposure with little effort and it fits perfectly in my current overall business DNA.

LaunchPad will be revamped with a price hike in 2024 (current members are grandfathered in) and I plan to expand the platform into a coaching platform for entrepreneurs and builders that struggle bringing their business to market.

This will help me narrow down my efforts, and centralize the consulting through a platform that has more upside outside of the regular based business.


Well, I built great relationships with ex-clients or current clients and I tend to keep it that way. But it doesn’t mean I am doing everything for free. Some people asked me before why charge a couple hundred dollars vs the numbers you work with?

  • It’s an insurance
  • It doesn’t mean I need to focus on others without getting rewarded, even at lower scale
  • One of my friends is starting a consulting firm in Asia, and he asked me to become managing partner but more on the passive side of things. Which leads to: I need to keep myself sharp in a moving landscape.
  • Primarily the last reason

My friend has been into corporate for years and plans now his own firm. He wanted to have me onboard and it gives me an opportunity to route my old high ticket clients to the firm I am still part of it.

However, for X and my audience here, LaunchPad will be primarily the name you will see float around here and there.


I am limiting the capacity at 15-20 people (ongoing), but I will write an entire blog post about LaunchPad next week.


My primary private Discord is moving out of infant stages and reaches a more mature level after six months of inception.

I recently wrote up a blog post about FocusX Panel and that is one of the main drivers for 2024.

How FocusX Panel Started

I used to be a member of another group on Discord, that has a similar concept: Present your idea to others and they will provide you feedback.

There were times, I showed up every week being one of the more core people for a while. But after a recent incident, I decided to quit the group and never look back.

But I did recognize that this group or concept had major flaws, which I learned from and we tend to make it better. Much better.

With a very close circle of supporters and genuine people in different skill brackets we launched FocusX panel.

The idea stays the same, except… with more preparation and free feedback by FocusX members to our presentators/guests.

focusX Panel


Because I do love the idea of providing feedback to someone in a private meeting (with focusX members) which is probably more valuable than generic public advice.

I also hope some of them are willing to join our private group, but we handpick the ones that meet criteria joining us.

I will leverage the FocusX panel to send an interview by email which then will be posted on the new format on Insight Sigma.

Improve the brand awareness of FocusX and get to our target number of 50 members max. (it’s capped to maintain quality over quantity)

PS: By the time of writing we are still working on the onboarding form for the Panel. But we currently have 3 projects lined up:

All meetings will be recorded with their consent, and it’s up to them to share it in their own circles.

If you don’t follow them yet, deffo do!

All of them are great individuals which I know from either FocusX or from X being authentic in their journey.


I hate to write this down, but I MIGHT consider a secondary website builder like Webflow or Framer for 2024.

I have been ‘WordPressing’ since that shit went live and I will always be a fan of WP regardless.

BUT, I am considering testing out the waters with new stacks and experiments. Not so much for blogging but explore ideas about new low-code builders that have faster execution time in case I am planning to acquire projects in volume.

Can tell you, this fucking hurts to write down. Because I am not fan of platform dependencies and never will.

Then again, I am going with the idea that it’s experimental and if the experiment turns EV, I can weigh in different options.

Moarrr SaaS

This was currently never advertised, but I am working on a SaaS acquisition with Casey. An individual that went corporate to entrepreneur in 2023 and we plan to talk about it in public.

He is focused on tech leadership and non-tech skills in a tech career, including career stagnation or creating high impact opportunities.


He has a lot of affinity and background with PE but never dabbled into acquiring his own venture. And we decided to buy one or two together in 2024. We do it to strengthen our own personal branding profile and make more smaller bets for the future as an insurance.

Details will be revealed and I am currently sourcing deals with him and decide on our market strategy in public.


For too long I postponed my podcast studio (regged for this purpose) and attempts to talk in public. 2024 will be the year where it’s going to happen.

I set my mind on doing the following:

  • Record monologues – giving my opinion on subjects or talk about past experience and current journey
  • Interview others – most likely tied to Insight Sigma but then with more human interaction
  • Talk about my road to PE
  • Making NanoBets (I regged for this purpose) and talk about hedging your smaller bets into a larger framework

Currently deciding on what formats to go with first and possible overhaul a landing page that’s NOT created in WordPress?


Realizing now that this is a lot to take and so many moving parts are critical to make it happen, but nonetheless I am super excited to make it all happen.

This is Titan’s work and I am not sure yet if this would impact my abilities or daily life too much, but if it does, I plan to appoint someone to manage my daily ops a lot more.

All I know is that change here stands for progress. Progress for a better business outcome and for myself.