Why I Acquired Keymentions


Online Reputation Management is crucial for brands. Personal or corporate. And lots of smaller businesses fail to understand the true concept of ORM or how it can help them to drive conversions.

It’s not so much about fixing the rep, but about finding opportunities.

Brand monitoring is often ignored by smaller businesses or startups and it can be a deciding factor to move out of growth phase.

Tweeting on X and post MRR charts is not going to cut it if you have greater plans.

And one of the most mentioned platforms on X is Reddit.

You probably have seen those posts:

  • I tried to promote my startup but got downvoted
  • I tried to promote my business but got flagged and my thread is gone
  • How do I promote my business on Reddit without getting shot?

The list goes on.

This is where Keymentions comes in.


Constantin was someone I met through X and also became one of the OG’s in FocusX. My level of interest peaked when I saw he was working on a tool called Keymentions that can track keywords or terms on Reddit.

However, during his journey he faced quite a lot of challenges making it to the finish line with the project, and it went on pause for a while.

He started building Buildstreak and turned it into a success, along with the more fun stuff like Buy A Pixel.

Fast forward, we discussed to give Keymentions a new home and here we are.

From January 2024, I have plans to fix the current state of Keymentions and roll out an Alpha as soon as possible.


My primary focus is to create a tool for B2B that creates opportunities.

Ever started looking for a tool or software application and add -Reddit in the end of the phrase? I bet you did. We all did.

Goes a bit like this:

Let’s assume you are creating a note taking app.

Imagine someone is looking for a note taking application, threads will pop-up. Or they search to streamline their current productivity stack then tons of suggestions will be provided by Reddit users.

It could be very well that your brand is mentioned or you add the keyword ‘note taking app’ in our backend.

It will dig up all recent convos or mentions for the past year.

Your task is to jump into the convo and potentially offer them your solution or suggestion. This implies:

  • Lesser cold email outreach
  • Reducing risk of direct self promotion by starting threads and being shot at.
  • Create brand awareness
  • You are talking to the right person, since they already have the intent to either change or make a better informed decision
  • A better potential deal flow with direct convos

You can consider Keymentions a brand monitoring tool blended with lead generation.

It removes friction where minimal input is provided through the backend but can result in massive output

The Why

I am going big on Micro PE in 2024, and that means I need a better flow in cold lead gen, outreach and ORM. Keymentions is a tool I would use myself on a daily basis to spot:

  • Upcoming trends
  • Find potential more clients for any acquistion
  • Track keywords for SEO and corporate blogging
  • Spot how well competition is doing based on social signals
  • Make better data driven decisions
  • The ability to invite people for a trial through reddit in the hopes for conversion
  • Deal sourcing
  • X is so focused on promoting it through the same channels that there is a gap between time and costs spent. Keymentions can help them getting them to their first MRR
  • I like businesses that are considered boring, but bring a ton of upside for myself or the end-user
  • Deal opportunities are too often ignored by solo’s and SMEs.


I plan to launch Alpha in January or February 2024. Currently in convo with Constantin to fix a few minor bugs and we will take it from there.

The current pricing is a pre-order OTP at $39 but will convert to a SaaS model once Alpha launched.

Ofcourse, my Lifetime Pass Users have priority and access to this platform from the first rollout. (it’s all included in their pass)

If you see merit in this, then take a $39 shot at it.