NanoBets: Why I Started It

if you would have asked me a year ago, I would have never thought building Discord communities.

But here we are, and when I started with FocusX in June 2023, I saw a lot of merit into growing a private channel, turning it into a daily driver over X or other social media channels.

Fast forward today, I just launched somewhat low-key a new private Discord: NanoBets.

So what is it, and why did I launch it?

The What

I realized how much value it can bring to specific audiences. And Nanobets will be a platform/place for entrepreneurs, content creators and builders looking to make their first dollars online by making multiple smaller bets or nano bets with different projects.

Nanobets will be a safe place where people can:

  • Can ask questions
  • Request feedback
  • Showcase their projects and progress
  • Find support with possible launches such as on Product Hunt
  • Toss in possible ideas figuring out if it’s viable or not
  • Build new connections with fellow creators or builders

But that’s not where it ends.
There is a HUGE roadmap ahead for 2024, and since all below is NOT launched yet, the current price at $49 dollar will only last until there is more additional value.


It will also be a place where (in 2024):

  • There will be access to a content library with a variety of topics focused on aspects of entrepreneurship
  • I am launching PodBlaze: A podcast ‘show’ where I will interview others plus a library filled with monologues I will record for NanoBets members. Those short bites (anywhere between 2 and 15 mins) will include my observations, questions asked or highlights of my own journey, including the Million Dollar Challenge. But I am still working on a format
  • A directory where others can benefit from discounts (tools, software etc) from fellow builders but exclusively via NanoBets
  • Surprise perks for the most active members that contribute frequently to the community
  • The option to get a free feedback round through FocusX Panel
  • Interview by email: So you can shamelessly promote yourself and your business in the form of a blog post
  • And much more


I want to shape NanoBets into a community where starting entrepreneurs or people with new ideas can turn it into a reality.

Especially those who still need to go from 0 to their first dollars.

In 2024, the content creator and build mentality is not only focused on making one big business, but rather making much smaller bets in different fields.

I hope to personally contribute as much as possible through Discord, the content library and PodBlaze educating others how you hedge your smaller bets that paves the way to your bigger endgame.

After all, I did the same when I started out (with the much needed mistakes) and even today I make dozens of those nano bets on a single day basis.

The Why

I see lots of people with ambition. Or even with great ambitions, but if I would ask them how to make $5 instead of $5000, they can’t provide a solution.

NanoBets community should become a source of inspiration with enough seasoned people to make others aware how building a stronger foundation for yourself can be done with smaller wins first before advancing to the major leagues.

Lots of people are also afraid asking ‘simple’ or ‘stupid’ questions in public when they just started out, and I want to remove that barrier making NanoBets a safe place where stupid or simple doesn’t exist.

You cannot forget that just I started small, with lots and lots of experiments until I hit a huge milestone in 2012.


I hope people within the community can expand their network. Building meaningful connections outside of X is important.

What I learned when launching FocusX for example is that the quantity just doesn’t matter as much as the quality or follower count.

I personally extracted more value in a more dense and private environment (FocusX is currently around 25 people) than 1000 followers on X.


After fully onboarding the initial 25 that were granted access for free, the price is currently set at a $49 one-time payment.

The price will grant you lifetime access to the community, content library and so on.

This will change once I start to roll out the extra added values from the NanoBets roadmap.

The money will also be used to improve the platform, get some extra help on board (read community management) and allows me to build in those perks and discounts for the future.

I do believe that adding a small paywall will defer grifters or people that are only looking out for themselves and are not willing to contribute to the NanoBets community.

Personal Journey

To close off this blog post, I want to add the following:

I want to turn NanoBets into a vehicle where I can also share my own personal journey more. My approach in entrepreneurship and all the fuckups and mistakes I made or will make.

Currently only very few on Discord know my thought process in-depth and what’s brewing behind the scenes (I am looking at you Kris) and this community would be a perfect opportunity to reveal a bit more every week or month. Layer by layer.

The majority is unaware that I:

  • Run and own multiple SaaS
  • Am heavily active in media, SEO and niche blogging
  • Trade capital markets 24/7 (equities, crypto)
  • Aim for Micro Private Equity
  • Run and own E-commerces
  • Own a retail brand
  • Run a coaching program under LaunchPad
  • Run multiple small expirements to validate trends (not markets)
  • Am a mid and high stakes poker player (and this part particularly changed the perspective in entrepreneurship)

And all that never came to life without finding small wins first before moving to a new stage.

This is why sharing my personal journey in bits through PodBlaze and experience through a content library can hopefully inspire community members to take similar trajectories and learn from mistakes I made.

NanoBets will be a community where I can imprint my own DNA into it.

See you there 🙂