Limbos & Growth

I tend to grow fast. Faster than I sometimes want to. And that puts me always in a limbo.

People praise fast growth and hockey stick MRR but the majority is meant to turn into an Icarus that flies a little too close to the sun.

When I went to shoot on the golf range firing off 200 golfballs, I realized that I had grown a tad too fast for my liking.

Presenting me problems that aren’t real problems but will become a problem. Get it?

Revenue is not a priority for me at all. Not anymore. It’s to find the constant stability between dozens of moving elements that secure the future, aka revenue.

Fly Low, Sell More

A prime example is LaunchPad, a platform I started under the Million Dollar Challenge and racked up significant growth in the last 2 months.

Barely mentioned it on X, never really sought out leads on X, and never really made it aware to my audience or followers what it was. In fact, for about 4 months there was a landing page that barely indicated what LP really was.

By design, I did NOT want to expand that until I found a time slot or was able to estimate my workload/trajectory. It was only since a month and a half ago I changed it, right before the hard reset I planned for 2024.

As a result, I am as good as maxed out in my capacity to help more people without compromising my attention or focus.

Because of that, I made the decision to drive up the price (which will go into effect end of the day) to put a blocker on too many onboardings at once.

But LaunchPad was always a fly-under-the-radar thing and I prove to others that you don’t need to yell 24/7 on X about a service you offer.

I sold more because:

  • People were curious what and how I do everything
  • I built up a trajectory that can be somewhat validated
  • I was not just words. Lots of actions took into place
  • By NOT selling it

Going back to the golf range, I felt I would become Icarus if I drilled on promoting LaunchPad and I would be stuck in a limbo pondering what to prioritize.

Luckily, I did not. Because I would place myself in an unhealthy place that can mess up my daily routine too much.

Sure, I can take on more LP members.

But I want to start building in parallel a set of courses I can sell. I already indicated earlier this year I am aiming to productize knowledge more in the form of courses or blueprints. This would help with:

  • Stabilizing my time commitments
  • Tie those info products to LP and will work as a steppingstone
  • Build a bigger brand for LaunchPad
  • Is a step for future plans with LP

True Goals

See what LP should look like eventually? Practically a hub. I had this idea for months now in my mind, but I refused to expand on it further until I hit certain milestones.

Since I left or was in the process of leaving high-ticket consulting, I wanted to build a model that is more streamlined with fewer headaches and that serves a big purpose.

By taking it slower I avoided putting myself in limbos I can’t get out or that might influence my decision too much.

Growth should not be linear ever. And even though LP has grown pretty fast, I need to contain it. By containing it, I mean:

  • Focus on the current members, and even if there are others joining I would spread out the timing
  • Build that info product I have been waiting for and sell them on Pocketsflow. Because— well co-founded it now
  • Stabilize volatility and time allocations


I can’t complain. Over a dozen people are currently active in LP and giving me decent MRR. But I want to avoid the hockey-stick syndrome and that means re-vise the overall signature of LP.

I am currently mapping out the leaks for LP, including improvements to be made with the price hike.

But I am still not going to shout about it on X all day long because that is not in my nature. Subtle mentions: yes. Looking for hyper-growth? No.