Lifetime Pass Launch

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and now that my outlook for 2024 is set on micro-PE and acquiring tons of projects this initiative will only make sense. At least, from my perspective.

I am a person that likes to take bragging rights once in a while. It could be something immensely stupid or meaningful like me being the first paying customer.

And I was wondering, how I could embed it in the OOS brand and future builds for existing or new clients.

Meet, Lifetime Pass

What’s the Lifetime Pass?

It’s basically an exclusive pass that will grant you unlimited access with no restrictions to all current and future:

  • Builds
  • Acquisitions
  • SaaS platforms
  • My paid Discord groups
  • And much more

Everything owned and build by me and in the future will give you the unlimited and top tier access (if there are subscriptions) forever.

But the LTP will be capped at 25 people in total with a price increase from $1K up to 15K per pass.

The last few weeks, I already low-key sold a few passes at $1K and decided to double it to $2K.

I capped it at 25 people because else the math would go against me and figuring that 15K will be the top tier it might be too hard to convince people to buy it at this price point.

However, here’s the reasoning on price justification:

The math

Lots of companies, early-stage offer lifetime deals. But we all know that LTDs are just a vehicle to provide runway for a business and long-term its unsustainable.

Even my entire productivity stack is heavily subscription based and I prefer it that way, since those companies need resources to improve their platform or tool.

So let’s take a prime example or two.

Most companies offering LTDs are taking the average customer lifecycle into consideration. Which is about 18 months.

So if a subscription is worth $60 per month, multiplying it by 18 would be $1080.

Solsika, an uptime monitoring tool I have been working on with Kris is a SaaS. Our tiers will float between $12-$99 monthly.

LTP users will obtain the highest tier possible at $99 and will never pay for subscription again.

$99*18 = $1782

My PE roadmap will make it worth it

Everyone in FocusX, on Twitter even and in the Land of Oos Channel (Million Dollar Challenge) knows I am gunning for micro Private Equity.

It always was and has been my goal and here is why I strategically launch the Lifetime Pass as of now.

All future and current acquisitions are embedded into the LTP. Which means I can acquire 100 micro businesses, a Lifetime Pass user will ALWAYS obtain access without paying an extra dime.

The reason I launched the LTP was not only to tell a great story overtime, but mix things up for people that see the long-term value into it.

What’s currently included?

Well, there are lots of things in the making but some things are currently operational.

  • Kuna Host – cPanel WordPress hosting with no limits. Highest plan is $60. (18 months is $1080)
  • OSE AI – A smarter keyword tool for bloggers (in production and will launch in Q1 2024). Pricing will be primarily B2B focused between $49 and $299 per month. (18 months is $5382)
  • Keymentions – I acquired it, Reddit ORM tool and will be launched in Feb 2024. Rolling out Alpha soon but requires some bug fixing . Will move to a subscription between 9.99 and $29.99 per month. (18 months = $522)
  • Supercharged – AI tool for small companies and project managers — co-founded and is currently live. But will improve in Q1 2024. Price hikes are eminent and I became co-founder of the build,
  • Kinsey AI – A second brain and AI search engine allowing you to tap into bigger or better resources. Will be launched in mid 2024. (top tier will cost $149 per month = 18 months value is $2682)
  • FocusX – Private discord channel with genuine entrepreneurs (costs $25 per month. 18 months value is $450)
  • Pocketsflow. Not a SaaS, but a platform similar like Gumroad – you will receive exclusive perks and always 0% fees.
  • Quivi – Discover leads and track millions of startups with insightful data. Launch estimated in Q2 2024. Pricing will be $49 and $599 per month for top tier. (18 months of value is $10782)
  • A few I have not mentioned yet because I have a whole list of smaller items that will be included.
  • And of course ALL FUTURE acquisitions made with Delta Seven, OOSHQ and sub brands are included in your lifetime pass.


At this very moment of publishing, the price for a Lifetime Pass stands at $2000.

The price will double once I launched the separate website for it or I will have 5 people paying the current market price for it.

If you want to take a calculated bet, or risk for that matter then I added a stripe link below.

If you still have questions, reach out to me in DM, Discord or X.