LaunchPad: It’s Time To Adjust

What started as an MDC project, turns out to be a low-key success. And I have been pondering about the flow and backend for a long time now.

I had a few struggles and those were:

  • Brand name: Stick or pivot?
  • Gated content: How to differentiate it for FocusX and NanoBets?
  • Additional services: When and what to add?
  • Containment: How to manage before it gets out of line?

Brand Name

This one has been bothering me for a while.. .FM domains are great for podcast themes or voice media, but less attractive for services. The name LaunchPad sticks and is easy to understand for everyone. It also resonates with the purpose of what and how.

My fear is that I am unable to position LP strong enough with an EMD instead of a brand name.

Not only that, I like to run it on a .com over a .fm domain.

The biggest downside is that using an actual brand, instead of an exact match domain will require more education to an unknown audience.

On the other hand, I am pretty capped in capacity for now and this would be the best time to make an overhaul.

I am leaning to run it on a .com name but it’s yet undecided.

Gated Content

Right, so this is where I was struggling a lot. I have been mapping out a private content library for FocusX and NanoBets but I am always blocked by LP in how to separate this over cross-shared content.

The value of content under LP should be 10X over regular content. But then I realized that I should not think about content, but rather about processes.

The type of content shared under LP should include:

  • Blueprints
  • Models and more in-depth details about different brackets
  • How-tos
  • Business cases
  • Theoretical frameworks
  • Mindmaps and charts

Once I came to this realization, I found myself on a clear path for execution. Now that I have clarity, I am only debating on how and where to store the content for either channel (LP, FocusX, NanoBets).

Considering of building a more custom intranet secluded backend for this rather than Notion.

Additional Services

So this is where I think the brand pivot is probably not too bad either.

LaunchPad currently focuses on mental games, goals, actionable tasks, and guiding the individual being a better version of themselves for business.

But I might start to include different services for a higher ticket, such as:

  • MVP services
  • Design services
  • Fractional services (CMO, strategists, CEO)

Turning it into a hub where you can walk through different steps or go from ideation to conceptualization and execution.

MVP and Design services would be in cooperation with others, me merely brokering a deal.

But I do want to drill on fractional services if I decide to add anything. Even when I left high-ticket consulting, the more I got to do LP, the more I was attached to the entire service-based model.

My Biggest Fear

You might not realize it if you’re here through X, but LP has been running at almost max capacity. I reached a certain MRR and now I want to double it.

The only problem is that I might not do that, because it can go pretty out of line.

I don’t want to have another 2023 adventure where control was almost lost and sleepless nights were a standard.

That said, I can cherrypick. I am not dependent on LP from a financial perspective, but I still like to build it bigger, better, and print in a DNA being an accelerator for founders or people that stagnate in their business or career but seek entrepreneurship as a next chapter.

We will see.

LaunchPad Program is not tied to the name By rebranding it, I can pivot or grow in different fields where the program will still be named LaunchPad.

Does that make sense?