Ivory Towers: Remember When You Started

Browsing through my X feed, I bumped into a thread created by Kristian Matic and the answers in this were appalling to say the least.

Read that carefully, and do yourself a favor and scroll through the comments.

The answers are.. fucking disgusting.

The level of arrogance from almost each and every one of them is hard to ignore. If I could pull them through my screen and punch em in the face, I would.

Here’s what’s wrong

They clearly didn’t understand the question. Kristian asked an elevator pitch sort of speak in 7 words. And wanted to know how they would position themselves against someone that is currently (READ, CURRENTLY) working for $10/hour.

  1. They clearly just go up against the person offering services for 10$ per hour, and ignored the entire exercise.
  2. They all have this strong believe they are all better than someone charging (currently) $10 per hour
  3. They judge someone based on a current hourly rate, without even seeing ANY of that person’s work.

Are they all out of their fucking mind?

I seriously have been pondering about how to note this down and express my thoughts. But I decided to go for unfiltered expressions. After all, people in my closest circle would know I would respond to that even if you would sit across me. Because I wouldn’t give two fucks about you and your arrogance thinking you’re a big bad wolf when there’s always someone bigger, badder or better than you.

Judge like they are better

None of them in the replies have ever considered the following:

And I wrote that down in a reply here too, but here’s a bit of a better version.

The image and the $10/per hour rate represents NOTHING. NOTHING YOU MOTHERFUCKERS CLEARY UNDERSTAND.


  • MAYBE – that person just tries to land his/her first job on Upwork and needs to start somewhere to gain traction. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells except you mfers would have understood that trade-offs need to be made when you start out.
  • MAYBE – that hourly rate is still a significant improvement than their current job. Maybe you should realize that not everyone lives in Tier 1 countries, does not have the same current goals or milestones to achieve and $10 per hour can still be a huge improvement on their current life.
  • MAYBE – they are just students? That try to make extra dollars aside.
  • MAYBE – they are junior developers and have no clue yet how to market/position themselves. Especially on a place like Upwork where competition is brutal
  • MAYBE and JUST FUCKING MAYBE – They need real life experience and value that over a bigger pay to build a personal resume. Because let’s face it, the job market isn’t as accessible for anyone. But again none of you mfing assholes seem to understand that.

The responses in that thread made me tilt.

You don’t see me going after people doing the same as me where I currently $1000 per hour charge for. I am not going to project I am better than a $10/per hour person when I have no context at all. When info is zero and circumstances and situations play a huge role.

I traveled to over 50 countries, and touching so many cultures, speaking with lots of individuals in lesser fortunate places with bad circumstances gave me a very different perspective.

There are smart people everywhere. There are people that most likely can develop or produce better MVPs or builds than you charging $200 per hour but they are not given the same equal shots at life as you.

Forgot where you started?

It’s clear that all of them forgot that everyone has to start somewhere. That factors like time, opportunity and experience plays a huge role.

You’re not graduating from ‘dev school’ and charge premiums right off the bat are you? You obviously forgot that you:

  • Had to fight for your first job. Freelance or corporate
  • You do not have the same salary expectations when you just started versus 10 years of XP
  • Most likely ‘were as bad’ as you claim that person would be (since you all go in with assumptions) when starting
  • Started a dev career in different times and this landscape has shifted

I didn’t start charging people 1K per hour. In fact, I started at $20 and fought an uphill battle to eventually charge enough over time.

The responses in that thread made me believe none of them see the difference between arrogance and confidence. And that line becomes very very thin once you reached certain milestones.

Instead of shooting down that $10 per hour individual, all of you should know better. Encourage someone. Ask the right questions why they charge this instead of $50.

Because all you assholes have more ignorance debt floating around than actual common sense.

Go Fuck Yourself

I vented, I ranted but I still want to tell all of you to go fuck yourself. And before you shout you’re better than someone, put someone down or patronize him/her, remember that talent is found everywhere and RATES DO NOT REFLECT TALENT.

Disrespectful mfers.


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