Going To Hire For 2024

January is closing and achieved quite a bit of milestones one year into the new year.

Woke up with a pinch of doubt if i could keep this up for an entire year.

But I am thinking of course I can.

January was a month for me to stress test my weaknesses. In the sense that I need to spot my leaks and possible stops or pauses.

My internal framework is constantly shifting and January was designed to go into the discovery phase.

Discovery in the sense that the pivots made from 2023 and transitions in 2024 are significantly bigger than I anticipated.

I asked myself:

  • Can you handle XYZ
  • What are my priorities in the next quarter?
  • Is there a possible weakness if I prioritize one over another?
  • Is it time to hire?

Especially the last question.

The answer is a definite yes.

Capacity is maxed out and the current team needs to stay on track in what they do best.

Different But Similar

Over the years, I built a hiring playbook for myself that I will only reveal in my book. A playbook that has been revisited over and over again until I was satisfied with the outcome.

A playbook that made my entire holding more bulletproof.

The idea that hiring is only meant for growth, traction, or scale is wrong.

I hire because I want to build Kevlar.

Hiring the right people produces a Kevlar around my holding or ventures to take hits from left and right. Once I understood that, I was able to see things differently or how to approach any business.

Hiring = Kevlar = Bulletproof.

What Am I Looking For?

Based on importance I have a few major components to take care of:

  • Delta Seven – Which is now going low-key live (my micro-PE fund)
  • Pocketsflow – Which is now in private BETA before launching mainstream
  • Akumi Corp – Which is tend to start building the first project in February
  • LaunchPad – Which is my responsibility and cannot be delegated and requires a big portion of my time
  • NanoBets – Which requires a private content library
  • Kalmero – Which needs growth (niche blogging)
  • PodBlaze – Which is my responsibility and I dedicate creative time for it during the weekends
  • Kuna Host – Overhaul and better positioning in the WordPress market
  • Supercharged – Which I plan to start working on in February
  • Solsika – That requires iterations which I need to discuss with Kris
  • EV & Framework – My personal book that will be will launched in March/April
  • Million Dollar Challenge – This is my responsibility and I am going back to day trading, poker, acquisitions
  • Daily Blogging for OOSHQ – My responsibility only
  • Insight Sigma – Currently a WIP for founder interviews
  • 6 MVPs – Starting with a directory that requires ongoing maintenance
  • Cat Stuff – Faceless YT Channel which is still in experimental phase

All items listed, except for Solsika, PocketsFlow, and Supercharged have been currently my sole responsibility since January or late 2023.

Stepping outside of media and SaaS currently operated under the radar (which is not revealed) or retail markets (which is also not revealed), I am betting big on acquisitions for the next 5 years.

That means adjustments are needed and corrections are upon me.

At first, I was thinking of shifting/transferring a few of my current crew members into the newer elements, but that would be just a bad choice.

Because I am taking them away from a comfort level and it will break my current framework.

I ran an internal poll with them asking about how they feel if they were to switch to something new. It was not better for them. They wanted to excel in their current position and they were afraid it would take too much time or energy.

I prioritize their work-life balance and work with 7-day rules in task management so I understand why they don’t want to transit.

And that’s okay.

They can do whatever they want and I always had this approach with them. In fact, because I let them choose and do whatever they produced much better results.


I will probably go hunt for people in the dev, design, and admin side.

Been considering adding internships as part of a program, but I am not sure if there is enough bandwidth today to cover them.

But it’s clear that I have to surround myself with a new wave of hires that have affinity in finance, SaaS, Media, YouTube, Copywriting, SEO, Technical Support, Branding, and assistants for various legwork tasks.


The hiring is something I worry less about. I am only thinking it about my personal achievements and if I am still on track for 2024.

In fact I am actually ahead on a broader scale, even with some minor delays here and there.

By being ahead, I can allow myself to position myself better with certain brackets (like PodBlaze) and add my personal stories to my book.

I have to be ahead. Chinese New Year is coming soon and that means I am dropping off the earth for a couple of days. New Year is not a day, but an entire week or even two weeks of eating, drinking, and probably more drinking.

I am worried about my personal blog efforts during that period. Which might impact my streak after almost two months.

We will cross that bridge once it’s there.