Why I am Leaving High Ticket Consulting

High-ticket items for me are anywhere over 10K and more, usually even more.

Regardless of whether I worked on something for a month or an hour, there were dozens of hyper-specific cases I worked on over the years (even today) with a clientele that allowed me to charge that much.

However, I am not as excited anymore. Even when it pays top dollar, I need to make room for myself, and I already announced I am betting on a more economical model called LaunchPad.

Over the course of 18 years or so, I made an estimation of my consulting earnings which are around 4.8 Million USD overall.

Granted that the first couple of years never counted and that there was only a very short period of time where I truly focused on closing these types of deals and clients, I nonetheless beat the average per annum.

My average would be about 266K per year operating this model, with a lot less friction than building a SaaS, for example.


I have plenty of reasons to continue, but I piled up more reasons to walk away within the next two years. And I listed them for you.


It hits different when you operate on a higher level. The demands or requirements in this particular space were more often unpleasant than I wanted to. 

I had to walk too many grey areas and fix shit for others that placed me in positions I questioned how much I am exposed.

My biggest was that I might fall short too often which can backfire. (it did by the way multiple times) and can cause unwanted wreckage.

I Don’t Enjoy It As I Used To Be

The thrill, the Hollywood Suits-Billions style of operations always attracted me since I started out 2 decades ago, but that spark is leaving the building.

Not only that, but the landscape has changed, and I sense I become a bit too much OG to handle certain requests that are beyond my scope. It was a strong signal for me to re-think my choices.

Eyes On The Prize

It’s clear by now that I am focusing on Micro-PE and expand my portfolio of Nano bets along with it. Which means liquidation station.

Made a choice where I liquidated a high income stream so I can focus on more short-term and long-term items that would build me a better position.

Sacrificing an average of 266K per year is not take lightly. But by liquidating noise, I made room for a 10X upside or more.

I couldn’t figure out what else to liquidate without emotions, and high-ticket consulting was the most obvious one.


I became very much attached to LaunchPad, and decided to grow this business and model. Extending it outside of coaching and helping others on a far cheaper model.

The main difference between LaunchPad and high tickets is the type of cases or requests I am getting.

launchpad pricing

Currently the pricing is anywhere between $149 and $499 per month, which is not even close to what I normally charge (yes the cases are very different, with not the same approach or level of intensity) but I found more joy doing this than piling up stress or mission impossibles.

Under LP, I’ve seen lots of people grow starting from zero making now anywhere between $5K to $20K monthly and it gave me a lot more satisfaction than straight up corporate fixing.

Ironically, I have a much harder time selling this model than high tickets. But that’s a different subject to outline.

Time Management

As much as I want to, my timeline indicates there is little to no room for this model after a couple years. 

I am close to reaching the amount of people I want to guide through LaunchPad (ongoing) and LP is more predictable. I can allocate time slots in a model that works for me in not impossible hours.

High ticket was forcing me to adjust to their emergencies which led to a 24/7 calendar with zero possibility to find the right sleep-life-balance.

Now that I am phasing out, it’s a relief.

Day Trading

Not a priority even, but I need to build more immediate liquidity on my own terms. And day trading is what I do best. I can decide on it on my terms and conditions. I can make more in a month or day than stressing out over high-demanding clients.


Yes, as silly as that may sound, PodBlaze will be a bigger part of my brand. And it requires… my voice. Since LaunchPad already takes up a lot of my voice capacity, I need to preserve my voice for long-term bets, aka PodBlaze.

What Am I Going To Miss?

With this type of tickets, it came with a lot of perks.

The occasional pick up with a private jet, the favors done for me, the free hotel stays, the leverage and gifts sent to me that are… let’s say bigger than your Christmas present.

I realized, going into this space and build up a network with high tickets helped me navigate with a lot less friction.

Problem with that is: You can easily overextend yourself and put yourself in positions that are out of your league.

I will miss the occasional private jet flight. I will give you that.


I am not eliminating it as of now. I do want to finish with a banger where I take a one or two high paid tickets to go out in style, but I am not going to search for it either.

It’s not a priority. Unlike LaunchPad, which will be the only true service I want to deliver over time.