Anton Went Into Hiding

Some remember but a while back, I bought up a debt sheet regarding to poker staking that happened in my channel.

For those who do not know:

Anton, formerly seen on Twitter under Anton Otto was active in my Discord channel where people can track the Million Dollar Challenge.

As a poker player myself, I added poker to the challenge for a while and one thing led to another.

He wanted to go play a live tournament in the Netherlands, which was the Valkenburg Series in holland Casino. And was looking for a stake or backers.

Staking and backing is pretty common amongst poker players and so we did.

We backed him. By we, that was a few others including myself.

It turned out to be a disaster.

The point of backing is that one shares updates and live hands on Twitter or in the channel. But none of that happened. It went the total opposite way.

He went dark and eventually pressured him to talk admitting he fucked up big time.

During that time, I made a decision to buy up the debt owed and returned all stakes to all parties involved.

This can be verified by anyone involved and plenty of people are aware of the total story.

He owes me over 3000 euros now.

But during that time, in September – I proposed to him to just give me MY stake back which was about 750 euros. I let him off easy even though I would lose 2.2K I wouldn’t care so much.

I made that money back the same day. But that wasn’t what it’s all about.


Fast forward, he claimed to have a ledger filled with crypto. We gave him the benefit of the doubt.

He made promise after promise on Discord. (I have the entire convo on record) but always seemed to come out swinging with a new excuse.

Going from having no time to pick up the so called ledger all the way to bank issues and wrongly connected from Stripe to Wise.

He made dozens of new excuses in the last 2-3 months and eventually he disappeared from Discord.

Not only that, this happened in September of the first week and promised to pay back end of September.

Then it was October. And we are now nearing end of November.

See, the funny thing is that even he paid a single dollar back as a token of good faith he would be better off and just pay back some of it on its own pace.

Turns out, he just ran away and went into hiding and I almost forgot about it UNTIL THIS HAPPENS:

And yes, total storyline checks out. From his blog post on sveltehero and his bio/profile on Twitter.

It seemed Anton went hiding in plain sight and if someone didn’t notify me, he could probably stay under the radar for a while longer.

After comparing all the bios, text, tweets and now going as the Dutch Dev on Twitter, he made little to no effort hiding it’s actually him.

I verified the timeline with others and his ‘biography’ and we all concluded it’s him.


I waited 3 months now. And I felt it was time to call it.

He did play in the casino because I checked the timestamps on the Poker Series and matches his only honest thing he ever said which was he finished 5th or so in one of the tournaments.

That can be found on the Hendon Mob Database. And yet he made profit and never paid back the backers from that tournament. On top he asked more money. But dissapeared after.

I am going with the assumption he went on tilt on the cash game tables and lost the entire bankroll and his ledger never existed.

What’s known?

Well, he reincarnated himself under @_thedutchdev on Twitter. But I am going to assume he will change that username soon enough.

He owes the poker debt for about 3000 euros to me.

He’s having a lot of fun on Twitter it seems and made cash during some freelance gigs but still has not bothered to pay back a single euro.

He was creating a discord helper called Communify on – but abandoned that because he built that during this poker debacle.

He is now building SVELTEHERO

He is also active on Reddit under the same or similar username

I gave him plenty of chances to reach out and pay back but it seems a lost case

He pretends to be ‘new on twitter’ and never met those circles but we all know it’s a charade.

The list goes on.

I am not going to post all the screenshots with his promises and conversations yet but if he wants to succeed with Sveltehero or any other project I am going to urge him to reach out to me.