2024 Goals & Struggles

It’s been a wild week. Whilst everyone was in full holiday and Christmas spirit, I deliberately kept working on backend items to set myself up for January 2024.

My main struggle this week was…. OOSHQ itself.

After I set my mind on blogging every day and I determined to finish the year I kinda feel to switch things up on OOSHQ and put blogging into the center of it.

At least, more of it. But that’s not what this post is about. I wanted to highlight one more time what’s coming.

A few things that will be central for 2024, and those are the following including goals:

My Struggles

The list might look long and impossible to conquer, it’s not the list or items I am worried about.
It’s the current MO and framework I have which is not optimized for this kind of work. At least not yet.

I stepped out of my traditional framework which is to say at least… disrupting. But that’s why I decided to revise flows and manpower used this month.

Struggle 1: Manpower

Most of the manpower I have (contractors) are focused on the media side and are very unfamiliar with the new avenues I am taking.
I have been onboarding old crew for the new shit I am pulling off, but it’s not going as expected.

So there’s only way to solve it right now for me:

  • Build a baseline myself
  • Write up an internal playbook
  • Educate old crew
  • Onboard new people so old crew can safeguard
  • Expand internal structure

Struggle 2: Time Management

Thing is, I have been in the trenches before with more and a lot worse. But I need to prioritize based on commitments and delivery.

  • LaunchPad comes first (YES I AM STILL OVERHAULING IT). Since there are people counting on me and I have to devote my time personally. Which is the one thing that cannot be delegated nor outsourced
  • Anything else is secondary really. I already made the decision to leave high-ticket consulting and LaunchPad is the only channel I need to handle myself (strictly spoken)

If people remember that my wife had cancer and where I went from no sleep to 2 hours of sleep… it’s something I do not want to repeat in 2024. Or ever for that matter.

My sole goal is to expand manpower as fast as possible so some of the critical elements can be tackled without lots of interference.

Struggle 3: Domain investing & portfolio

Some of you know I hold over 10 000 domains. Yes, that’s a big number and there’s a lot of science behind it.

This did not happen overnight, but after 15 years or so in domaining and domain investing, I am considering to sell off 50% of my portfolio back into the open market.

Main reason: There’s a lot of time sunk into domain management (human resources) and upkeep and I might need to burn a few things to clear a path for new avenues.

Would I quit entirely? No.
Am I emotionally attached to those domains? Also no.

At this moment, I am still flipping a coin whether I pull the trigger or not and will update this in public before Q1 ends.

Struggle 4: Stack & Flow

A while back I wrote up my productivity stack and claimed it would unlikely to change in 2024.
Revising my goals, I would say: That’s flawed.

I definitely want to invest more heavily into a better architecture that works at scale when swapping between so many different brackets.

Enhancing the flow with more tools. The center of reasoning is time driven, not cash driven.

But by adding more infrastructure, I am moving to my final struggle:

Struggle 5: Security

Security and architecture of the entire business.
I see lots of people going with the deploy fast mentality but one of the things I always is security, leaks, compliance and/or how to handle backups offline and online.

Anyone that’s been around me knows I am always going for the 3-2-1 rule and if that’s not enough then I would take an extra backup.

321 rule means simply that you would have 3 copies of your data with offline storage for recovery.

Based on the scale of my new endeavors, I most likely have to revisit my security protocols and measures and heavily invest in VPS architecture, Dedicated Servers, Cloud storage, upgrade my Synology NAS and check my current storage backups on Interserver, and Backblaze.

When so many new elements come into play, this has severe impact on how my backend operates, including logins, details shared with team members and backups from builds.


Yes. Sigh this is challenging but it’s not impossible. I have structure in this madness factoring in the bad beats and variance I would get in 2024.

Most of the bottlenecks are solvable within a few months and it’s going to be up to me to drive the narrative.

But 2024 will not only a big year of change, but also a year where I will come out strong placing more Nano Bets across the board to hedge my risk and fluctuations in earnings.

Are you ready for it? I am ready to write an entire book, not just a chapter.

  • For more focused advice or actual coaching, I would suggest to take a look at LaunchPad.
  • If you are looking for a more private circle of entrepreneurs, then you can join me on Discord with FocusX
  • Looking to start out? NanoBets might be a great place to start with.