Gating Content: Yes.

I don’t know if you remember that but last year I gave away a lot of my time for free and got zero in return.

Dozens of phone calls and hundreds of messages with questions, to which I took my time to respond.

The problem was, it was a never-ending cycle and the moment I said I could not devote my time anymore unless it’s compensated they all vanished without saying thanks.

Around the same time, I also published a half-baked guide about SEO for beginners and the Keyword Golden Ratio which is still available on one my my premium domains.

I got a lot of compliments, people stormed into my DMs like it was fucking Normandy and fired off dozens of questions after another. Until I said I was too busy to go through this without hiring me and they yet again just vanished.

What bothered me the most was that they do not account for someone else his/her time and don’t know where the limits are. To be clear, I checked the profiles asking me and some are in a much better position than others (financially).

I have been supporting for years people who were less privileged so they can find that momentum and breakout they deserve. And I am still okay doing that. But if there is no respect to be found or do not understand that I can not provide dozens of answers that possibly soaks up hours of my time in a day then I need to place a hard stop on that.

It went so far even that people sent me DMs with a question. Sent a ‘Hello??” within 30 minutes and followed through an email to ask if I could check their question, just to see them asking again on X in DM with another “Hello?? Are you there?”

Then I realized. I need to gate it as much as possible and shift my energy.

Primary Reasons I Start To Gate Content

I have enough to worry about every day. There is a difference between asking a question or two or start crossing lines where it looks more like grifting and treating me like a customer support center.

Private Discord Servers

I have two paid Discord servers.

Because the noise on X is just too much. Even when I started muting all the fluff words and trying to avoid those people who sell entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.

And I try to de-platform as much as possible not to be dependent on X. Since both communities are paid, they deserve my most attention.

FocusX and NanoBets have two different DNAs and different goals. But if I have to pick between tossing free shit out there or support people that commit themselves through either Disord than the choice is easily made.

My goal is to silo my energy to the right groups and people.

I Like To Hedge My Bets

Nobody wants to say it. But I will. I am in the space of making money. Not acting like a charity.

There is a difference between building lead magnets that are free versus more in-depth material that contains years of pain, experiments drama or success.

I am currently in a place where I do not need to think too much about lead magnets or build TOFUs.

By gating it, or placing a price tag on the content I can focus on the content more and think much harder about how much value I need to provide.

I am equally excited to see low tickets in my Stripe account over the thousands of dollars per sale. You cannot underestimate the power of smaller, touchless and frictionless earnings.,

Those earnings place a huge hedge in case I am facing a fallout.

Variance is a real thing. And no matter how well you’re doing, always consider the 1% that can make you vulnerable.

Dead Weight

In 2024, I decided to focus on FocusX and NanoBets. Leaving the rest behind. Just like I am leaving this entire “Indie Hacker” segment (fuck I hate this term) behind for a reason.

Removing dead weight and noise helps me to focus on things that do not scale. (Yes, Paul Graham is right)

I am not going to make the mistake again to tossing out free guides or content I deem valuable that should be gated.


Call me a villain or support me in my decision. Chefs can’t feed every mouth. Or please every mouth.

If you were to ask me 10 years ago to gate content, I would not have done it. But I progressed too much and went into a different stage of entrepreneurship where the value should be given, but also be paid off through different options.

For example, I spent an entire year crafting my book (raw version atm) where I explain my framework and EV. I don’t see myself tossing all the real details out for free.

I mean, free stuff online is only as good as it gets. Most of the free advice is too generic and does not highlight the true angles. Lots of it is just recycled and glued back together with a different wording.

Either I see you in NanoBets or FocusX. But you can expect less of me in public and more behind the scenes where I am open to communicate.