The Future Of LaunchPad

During the Million Dollar Challenge, I started LaunchPad.
It was a way to increase my revenue in early stage but I truly wanted to find a model where I could phase out high ticket consulting but still help others for a more than enough fair price.

Granted, I rushed that model through back in August/September and I went back to the drawing board last week to improve the structure.

launchpad homepage

Current Stats

  • At the moment, 7 people are using LaunchPad. 5 of them under a $99 plan, 2 of them under a $249 plan.
  • Out of those 7, 1 person paid for an entire year in advance
  • Out of those 7, 3 people went from theory into execution and launched partially
  • It took less than 3 months for most of them to find clarity in their entrepreneurial journey
  • 4 out of 7 need a lot of help on the mental game. And not just going from zero to something or going to market.

And especially the last item is what made me realize how much I need to adapt the offering and model.

I met some crazy good and genuine people on X. Lots of them struggling not only with bringing their product to market, but the mental game that can tilt their balance making them lose focus.

Most LaunchPad members have similar struggles. But yet each case is so different that my time allocated with them is divided in:

  • Set them on a path of accountability where I force them to execute milestones on a weekly basis which helps to make that progress
  • Deconstructing their current roadblocks or problems
  • Listen to their internal struggles and problems
  • Steer them in the right direction with proper constructive feedback
  • Motitvate them once they are in a dip or fail to stay confident in their game
  • Bring them (personal brand equity) and their build (brand) to market
  • Guide them into execution
  • Prepare with them their intitial Go-To Market strategy

Lots of those elements are directly or indirectly tied to the mental game of entrepreneurship.

After careful consideration, this is what I want to highlight the most under LaunchPad and convey a better message to people on X and Discord.

I have enough use cases right now and if anyone asks if LaunchPad is helping their game (on all aspects) they will vouch for that.


Obviously the website needs a fresh layer of paint. And an immediate overhaul on the messaging / sales copy. That would include the offering/pricing model where I make it a lot clearer how beneficial it might be for you.

I currently built a new website (in staging) but it’s looking stale. As in: I couldn’t figure out the overall messaging but by writing up this blog post, I answered it pretty much myself.

The perks attached to LaunchPad would also increase in 2024 and those would include:

  • Access to FocusX community (which is normally a $25 monthly subscription)
  • Access to NanoBets community (which is currently a OTP lifetime access fee)
  • Higher tier LaunchPad members would be given access to an emergency line sort of speak

Well, I am still figuring out the entire perk model but I am getting there.


launchpad pricing

In the first few months, I spent a huge amount of time figuring out how much value I should or can bring to LaunchPad members. And the overall model always is a combination of:

  • Comments – revising their work
  • Talking to them on Discord
  • Have more than one phone call actually, especially in early stage – it yielded better results
  • Taking time to answer everything in their Notion space
  • Takes me about 6 hours a month in total per person AT LEAST.

That would result in an hourly rate of less than $17.

Put that into perspective that my usual rates are anywhere between $400 up to $1000 per hour.

Of course, I am not going to charge that but I do need to hike the price a bit to justify my efforts more.

I hear you saying: It’s too expensive. This is out of my range. Even at a $99 per month price point. I will deffo not be able to afford it when it’s even higher.

Truth is, I can’t dedicate my efforts to the bottom tier. But I am making up the difference helping others out in other ways. A price hike is not only meant for justification, but also where I look for people that are truly looking for financial commitment and will do anything to extract max value out of it.

Important to know: Current LaunchPad members or sign-ups before the end of year are GRANDFATHERED IN on the pricing as it stands.

My goal is not to cater to the masses, but to max 15 people at the same time. And I know I will be able to expand and polish this model in 2024 along with my other goals.

It’s called LaunchPad for a reason. And 2024 will show the DNA of this platform/service.