FocusX Panel: Present Your Project

Somewhere in June, 2023 I decided to start my own private paid Discord group.

FocusX was born with very few key principles in mind:

  • A small but active group of people (capped at 50)
  • Genuine interest in entrepreneurship
  • Building up an arsenal of tools and shared resources that members can use
  • Become a source of feedback, in case you struggle with particular items in your project
  • Weekly meetup calls

Fast forward, the group consists of 22 people from a dozen countries. Each of them in active in different fields with different skills.

Quantity over quality for sure. Since the Discord group is paid ($25 per month), I placed an immediate blocker on people that want to join for the wrong reasons.


Almost six months into running the Discord group with 99% of the OG’s still present, it’s time to take it to the next level.

I was ultra-busy for personal reasons and my wife’s health. On top of that the MDC that started in August and I kinda neglected to make the needed changes for FocusX.

Luckily, Constantin – also one of the co-creators of Buy A Pixel and founder of Buildstreak helped me steer the group in the right direction.

Since 2024 is all about change for me (road to micro Private Equity), change is bound to happen with FocusX. And we’re excited to present an additional format for outsiders.

Meet FocusX Panel.

FocusX Panel

We are opening up to the public! As in: inviting builders or entrepreneurs to present their project to our group in private.

How does it work?

Very simple really!

If you’re interested to receive genuine feedback in a lightning round (usually 1-1.5hours in total) from our group (aka panel) then this is the right place for you.

  • You reach out to me or some of the core members on X
  • We send you an onboarding form where you can fill in all needed info about your project
  • We schedule a date (it will always be a Wednesday), preferably 1-2 weeks in advance. This allows us to look a bit closer to your project

Meeting format

  • You present yourself, and give us an intro about why you build it
  • You provide a short tour about the project and its core features (or live demo)
  • We will answer the questions you asked during the onboarding form (so this is why we can prepare in advance)
  • We tackle all possible categories if needed, such as design, marketing, GTM, business strategy. Depending on the category our ‘panel’ with the right skills will provide feedback
  • Close the presentation with a free-for-all format in case there are other relevant questions unanswered
  • And that’s it!

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all!

We will, with your consent record the presentation on Zoom and the recording will not go public but kept under FocusX members and we will provide you a copy

For who is this for?

Anyone that is working on his/her project. Regardless of the stage, everyone is welcome to present their idea.

We do this to build a stronger community and to help others on their journey becoming an entrepreneur.

How can I apply?

You can reach out to me directly: or on X @outofsigma

See you soon I guess?