Micro PE: Finding Everest

It’s been a long time coming.

Moving 100% into Private Equity in 2024 will be a game changer for me.

For years I waited to go on about it in public, but with Delta Seven and the MDC that will acquire a few builds – it was time for me to come out swinging and make a mark in my personal development and career.

Well, 100% might be a stretch but I came to a stage where I am setting aside the media side more and phase out actively trading capital markets so I can focus on acquiring those micro-assets on a pace nobody has ever seen before in micro-acquisitions.

Tiger Global

Anyone in PE knows Tiger Global. The firm I always looked up since I was younger and their recent moves made me realize how much ass-kicking they can do with billions of dollars.

They literally changed the landscape of investing. (From my perspective). They invested in 335 companies in 2021.

That’s almost 1 per day.

That’s crazy how they just fucking win the game in investment banking and be able to survive in bear markets.

Why 2024?

After almost 2 decades of entrepreneurship defining my Alphas and edge that came with plenty of sacrifices, I go for the big win. Just like Tiger Global.

I consider 2024 a year filled with changes, pivots and taking step backs from my more traditional businesses and after a very difficult personal year this was an internal signal I need to switch things up.

Another reason I see 2024 a great fit is the recent shifts in solo-building and platforms like OpenAI or Perplexity changing the game forever. Lots of great projects out there, but none of them have a decent product market fit or builders struggle to acquire enough customers to turn it cash-flow positive.

For me on the PE side (aka buy side) there is so much opportunity to be found in abandoned projects or potential flyers but are just not steered by the right people.

I am considering 2024 as a warm-up phase and pre-season until I find my true Everest.

1.825 per day

The ultimate goal. 200 micro-acquisitions in a year, or 1.825 per day.

I am determined to get there. Building up enough tolerance and resistance in the first years before successfully closing 200 acquisitions in a 365 cycle.

The majority will call it crazy or impossible to achieve. Some will call it bold. For me? It’s the absolute challenge of finding my Everest.

You might really think that is not doable, but I am going to explain that in my investment thesis for Delta Seven soon enough.

Tracking the discipline and pace Tiger Global does it on a large scale, I want to do the same in micro-PE.

Can I handle it?

Well, you don’t just wake up one day and say to yourself: ‘Hey, let’s go fuck around in PE land and buy 200 companies.

The decision was based on past results, experiments and past investments I made in startups.

You cannot discount the fact that there are over 50 full-time contractors in my internal framework doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me on a daily basis.

Sure, it’s a lot. And yes this is not something one can do overnight. But I want to be remembered as the guy that can kick everyone’s ass and create memorable moves where others will be forgotten soon enough.

My entire build-up on X was designed for this purpose and this is why I started selling a lifetime pass for past and upcoming acquisitions or builds.

Yet again, it’s a move that was and is part of a story, just like the Million Dollar Challenge.

Transitions & Storyline

People outside of FocusX rarely understand my motives or why I would do X instead of Y versus long-term and short term goals.

But here is where it matches my build-up and transitions:

  • I was always set to go into micro-PE. In public. I am already on it for years
  • Supporting Indie developers or projects getting their first MRR
  • The Million Dollar Challenge was an intro to acquisitions which now becomes reality with a warm-up of Keymentions
  • I made strategical partnerships with a minority stake or co-founding status with Pocketsflow and Supercharged
  • Currently deploying Delta Seven, the hybrid PE firm
  • Started launching experimental builds and concepts, like Buy A Pixel and Useless Newsletter for audience purposes
  • Low-key launched the Lifetime Pass – which is a direct exclusive pass for all future builds, acquisitions and a one-time payment
  • Working on a niche blogging empire in public in 2024, outside of my current media network. And both will be leveraged into the acquisitions
  • Made an agreement with someone that is still my client but we move into buying one or two SaaS companies together in 2024
  • Will launch 12 MVPs developed by one of the core members of FocusX
  • Adding Solsika to the SaaS kingdom soon, an uptime monitoring tool which I own


This is the first time I will go a lot in public, but that was only on the condition I could keep my edge against the majority of people.

Currently working on an investment thesis for Delta Seven, which will attract probably others to join one of the flagship PE funds. Regardless of the dealsize and cheques, hoping to onboard a few supporters going for YOLO moments but with calculated risks.

I am ready for my Everest. Are you?