I have been buying and selling domains for as long as I can remember.

Whilst most domains I own are not for sale, domain buyers are free to reach out for specific inquiries or assets owned.

  • uselessnewsletter.com
  • songsforcats.com
  • wedocatstuff.com
  • kinsey.ai
  • deltaseven.co
  • chapterseven.co
  • catvertising.io
  • teamoos.com
  • foodfact.co
  • workstress.co
  • launchpad.fm
  • ooscapx.com
  • date.cx
  • nicheblaze.com
  • visiteverything.co
  • landofoos.com
  • ooshq.com
  • wallstreetbust.com
  • kalmero.com
  • insightsigma.com

Following domains displayed are not including in my own portfolio but are bought under the challenge.

Find me on Discord or X and happy to share some more details.