When I woke this morning, I read one of my DMs was about Discord groups, and some disconnection that started to grow between one to an entire group.

But I think that’s okay. When you outgrow people or an entire group it usually means your goals are very different.

It’s not necessarily bad and here is why:

Being Sigma

Since she’s female, I will refer to this:

The term “Sigma Woman” has recently emerged in the world of personal development, referring to a woman who is independent, self-sufficient, and highly individualistic.

Which is in relation to:

A sigma female is loyal, assertive, and independent. She doesn’t follow trends or care what other people think about her. Sigma females are charismatic, but can also be introverted and keep to themselves. They have very high standards for friendships and relationships.

Once you read that a few times, it’s not so much you are disconnecting yourself from them. But the disconnection is found in you wanting things or goals they do not have right now.

I was always kind of Sigma.

  • Didn’t follow trends (for example chatGPT)
  • Unfiltered on X or just say what I want
  • I like to keep my high-performing business and MRR for myself. Not for the world to know
  • I stay quiet to keep an edge, not because I want solitude

In her case, I know her goals and they do not align with that group. Which is okay. Because the primary focus should be on yourself, not so much on agreeing with an entire group to please that handful.


Don’t get me wrong, communities, especially private ones are a great asset for every aspiring entrepreneur. But communities can be draining. It can cause an imbalance or cloud your ability to act or react.

One of the examples is Wall Street Bets on Reddit. That subreddit went from okay to a dumpster fire of below-zero IQ statements or actions that caused more harm than good.

It’s not unusual to see someone borrowing 100K there just to get ‘motivated’ by an entire subreddit to Yolo debt just to lose it the next day on an options play.

What’s weird is that their own rational mind would do the opposite but rather listen to a bunch of strangers when there is little to no context.

Once you start making that kind of decision, you should realize that there is a huge disconnection between your purpose and theirs.

Knowing The Difference

Being more Sigma doesn’t mean being alone. It only means you have set clear expectations for yourself and you find a way to operate or act without too much outside noise.

There is a stage where one starts, absorbs as much as possible like a sponge, starts to separate what’s beneficial for them, and goes on the hunt for their personal edge.

I was the same in the beginning. I wanted to belong anywhere and be everywhere at the same time. But time and experience showed me differently.

When you’re younger and eager to learn you should go with quantity first, until you can separate the good, bad, and ugly.

Soak up the volume, then conclude and filter out. Newer entrepreneurs don’t always need to cherrypick early on. But that gets more critical overtime once you figure out what is needed at the time.

So, What Is It?

It’s not disconnection that you feel. It’s your rationale and your mind has grown and outgrown a certain group for the time being. It does not mean you can’t learn anything from them, but consider pushing it more in the background on purpose.

Disconnection can be temporary. Usually, you cross paths or find new alignments once both sides are growing or determined similar goals.

A disconnect does not mean you need to give up relationships. You just temporarily distance yourself until you are on track, obtained that edge and keep in touch with the people you want on a sporadic basis.

You just do it less frequently.

Eliminating noise and herd mentalities can be liberating from time to time.

Everyone wants to be Alpha, but very few can be Alpha. I rather am Sigma. So I can do my things the way I want without drawing too much attention.