NanoBets: MVP #1 Directory

Drumroll… The first MVP will be: Shockingly a directory.

But before I go deeper into my reasoning, I want to announce and clarify who will build the 6 MVPs in 2024 for me.

I recently sent a Tweet out hunting for a developer that can build me those MVPs. Little that I knew back then was that Constantin, a trusted member of FocusX group and also co-creator of our Buy A Pixel and Unsual Design project was going to launch his own Dev agency in 2024.

Surprisingly he kept it under wraps for a long time and wanted to announce it earlier to us, but he has currently lots of stuff going on, finishing UNI etc.

I did not think about it twice to work with him on the MVPs, because it’s hard to find someone that also knows your MO, insights and ‘desires’.

Since Constantin has been with FocusX since day 1, our relationship is built differently and launching or operating business is about making it as frictionless as possible.

So there is that.

I am still open for other collaborations with possibly different coding language used, but as of now it’s the path moving forward with the least friction.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you that sent me a DM or e-mail and will keep those records in case I require a more specific build.

MVP #1: A directory.

Yea… I hear you. Sigh. Another directory.

Except, my motives are a bit different.

Here is my model and why.



Anyone can submit their project or business to the directory and the top line would have a featured section which is classified as sponsored.

In case I cannot find anyone that is willing to pay, I simply use my own brands or projects to display.


None really. It’s meant to be a global directory/search engine for any industry.


Controlling the narrative more in my road to PE. Especially when I plan to acquire multiple startups or launch MVPs, I need a hub to position them for possibly more targeted traffic.

The purpose for myself is not so much conversion, but the ability to display awareness so others can at least touch one or multiple brands within my own ecosystem.

Upkeep & Maintenance:

Early stage, I will vet them personally before being approved. Later on, I will appoint someone to assist me in the process.


Negative for 2 years but provides +EV in 24 months from now. Based on my own positioning in micro PE and pace.

I would also need to discover how long it would take me to go BE on a the costs and time spent. But I am always going in with an assumption I operate under a neg Tfxn for 2 years.

You Launched Too Late?

Yes. I’ve seen lots of directories popping up in the last 2 quarters of 2023, with some build in public drama and whilst they might have launched on a trend, I am usually not very trend driven.

I observe lots of verticals and niches and I only would launch or build something if it makes sense for me 2-3 years from now.

There are so many moving parts within my framework that I make my choices with care.

Just the same that I only used ChatGTP 2 times in 12 months. And I ignored the entire trial by fire and discovery phase.

It’s not because it’s ‘hot’ I have to ride the same train. I only make decisions based on how much merit it has and if it would disrupt my current trajectory.

I am no fan of the ship fast mentality, and never will.

Might be in contradiction of the 6 MVPs in 12 months, but I mapped out the first 3 concepts and been planning on this for months now.


Yes. A directory. A small bet. A Nano Bet.

I will outline my entire thought process, ideation and rollout into my Private Discord Server (NanoBets) so all our members can keep track.

Looking forward to launch it in January!

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