Detached From Reality

I don’t know if it’s me or them. But when I read the replies to this tweet, I am fairly certain that they cannot appreciate certain values.

It’s hilarious that lots of them mock the ‘experience’ and have no idea how this works.


My wife and I go about every day to restaurants. Lunch and/or dinner. Our bill per meal is about USD 260 with the higher ends closing to $1.5K for two, including drinks.

But we don’t talk about it in public, don’t showcase it on IG, or share it with the world to know every day how much luxury there’s involved in our daily lives. Because it’s nobody’s business.

Just like I never talk about my MRR or personal ADR because it’s nobody’s business.

Only a few members of FocusX have seen the occasional dinner pics and that’s behind closed doors. Because yet again, it’s nobody’s business.

But when I read the comments on this Tweet they are clearly detached from reality in the sense that none of them know either how pricing like this can be justified.


Any restaurant operates on factors. Food is critical and usually goes with a factor of 2.6 up to 3.4. Alcohol (esp. wine and champagne) goes OTC by a factor of 5 and not selling enough drinks can make or break the restaurant’s profitability. 

If a vegetable costs $1 then the restaurant sells it for $2.6, because the amount of effort, preparation, gas, electricity, and staff needs to be paid.

What none of these mfers understand in that tweet is that the ingredients and preparation from certain dishes require an immense process.

If they deconstruct the dish and how it’s prepared they would be surprised by the amount of work that goes into it.

Those mfers mock the ‘experience’ but cannot appreciate that actual people have to put in a lot of hard work to go from zero to one and transform ingredients into a combination that makes sense.

Pretty sure none of them ever cleaned scallops from top to bottom, they don’t realize how much work goes into preparing a simple item like a tomato confit, or how expensive decent chocolate is, don’t know tools like a Pacojet or Green Egg, etc.

Of course, if they would know much I spend on food and wine every day they would say I am detached from reality, but it’s the opposite: You clearly have no fucking idea.

Maybe This Will Make You Understand

I have been on the hunt acquiring other businesses and micro-projects. And out of a thousand, only 2-3 are worth looking at. Lots of them price it much higher because they factor in their time and effort spent.

Now tell me how much different that is from a restaurant that charges $500 for a dinner. Are you going to criticize an industry you have no affinity with but apply the same rules in your project that you want to sell, factor in your time, and sell it at a higher valuation?

How would you feel when I tell you, this looks incredibly stupid, the build does not look like much.

You would be butthurt because I am just judging what I see. But maybe you spent months coding or programming and I did not factor in the effort, sweat, and tears. Because for me your MVP looks fucking shitty.

Now tell me again who is detached from reality? You or me?

What It Says About You

It indicates that you think very narrow-minded. That you never really put in a lot of thought or perspective on why food can be more expensive in one place over another. It also indicates that you think steak is steak, and fish is fish.

That’s a sign that you would generalize everything in different industries, including your own. And a clear signal I would never work with people like that.

I eat anything I want. From $1 street food items up to $500 dishes. I don’t anchor food with price but rather about the process behind it and what I like from a taste perspective.

Sure, like some said in those replies: Mcdonald’s is better. Yes, if you want to live with a defibrillator.

Champagne Is My Daily Driver

When I tell people I drink that every day, they call me insane and think why spend so much?

This is again a false statement.

I visit France every year and walk through Avenue Champagne, and visit Epernay to discover new champagnes.

Sure, when people think champagne they only know the commercial brands. But there are 1200 official real champagnes.

I try to discover new ones every year, from small vineyards. The ones that don’t have the funding to go to retail or cannot afford the PR and marketing like a Moet or Piper. (It’s like you going bootstrapped vs VC backed)

The difference is that those small champagne brands taste better than your usual bottle. 

The joke is that I pay about $20-25 dollar per bottle. Anywhere on par with a medium-priced bottle of wine.

Just like wine, I touched the soil, ate the grapes, and understood the process on how it’s made. The process behind it justifies costs and makes you appreciate that drink.

All of a sudden your expensive label becomes a lot more cheaper. Because you understand how much manpower, science or effort goes into creation.


What I tried to point out in this rant is that you should be more open to the processes behind anything.  My wife and I are equally fascinated by cheap streetfood or expensive meals. Because we like to know where it’s coming from.

You have no problem supporting random people on Product Hunt with whatever they churn out, but you have a problem paying double the price of pastry with your local bakery that employs local people to build a more sustainable micro-economy.

You have no problem charging whatever you want for your own SaaS, but you are going to complain that food should not cost that much which is often sourced or produced by people that make YOUR local economy happen.

You have no problem paying for Starbucks coffee but will complain about a local coffee shop that charges maybe a dollar more, simply when their overhead is bigger and has a different roasting process.

Just try to open your mind and don’t just anchor by price or what you see on the surface.

Now I need to get the fuck out of here because it’s Chinese New Year.

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