MDC Update #7: We Are So Back

Sigh. It’s been long overdue.

I had to pause the overall activities for the Million Dollar Challenge due to constraints on time, unable to reset my schedule in 2023 and of course my wife’s health that took a temporary toll on me.

After I announced a major personal update in October, I could not find the willpower yet to restart the MDC.

By restarting I mean, picking up where I left.

I have been backtracking a few results and I HAVE to update the actual stats, because where it sits right now is around 116K USD in total earnings.

However, there were two elements that I did NOT mention for the last couple of months. LaunchPad and Online Poker.

LaunchPad started as an initiative under the MDC and kept low-key rolling. Online Poker which back then I made about $9600 and withdrew with a $145 starting bankroll, I did a reset and fired up a bankroll again during the ‘break’.

Main reason? I wanted to play poker but under the MDC, not so much for myself.


What’s funny is that I surpassed the high ticket consulting and service-based items.

As I am currently up $67K in total on PLO since August which is ridiculous. Ran hotter than the sun. Just mind that this was with $145 only initially and I was unstoppable and decided to take that break before variance hit me in the face. But apparently, poker gods have been kind to me and took big shots at stakes I am not supposed to play under the MDC and that panned out well.

But there’s more.

I mentioned LaunchPad more than once in my blog posts and for a while, it seemed like there was a standstill. But there was not. I have not figured out the total revenue yet on LaunchPad so far, but it currently stands at around $3800 MRR.

Most of that happened in the last two months after I revamped the website (half). I had to redefine the idea a while back and focus on resilience, the mental game, and bring clarity to people that need guidance

Did that, and before I knew it my revenue spiked. The old landing page never made it clear and I wasn’t promoting it either on X.

Truth is, I am glad I took that slow route and printed a new DNA into the LP program.

All current LP members are found on X or Discord, and they can validate whether my MRR is correct. Because MDC is about accountability and verifiable proof.

What’s Next?

Well, I am going to backtrack all the earnings that weren’t recorded/added yet. And place a hard reset on all channels. That way I can start tracking from zero again, including Day Trading bankroll, Poker bankroll, etc.

I phased out high ticket consulting, except LaunchPad, which means my focus will go a lot towards micro-acquisitions under the MDC, which was the goal. And since my entire roll is bigger than I expected, this leaves me more room for bigger bets.

Honestly, I am drawing a blank on the current setup and how to re-instate the pace under the challenge, but just like anything else – I will deconstruct the clusterfuck and map out the possible routes I want to take to reach a million this year.

I am also looking forward to recording my MDC journey on PodBlaze. Whilst it might be again monologues, I will need a place to vent and express myself. Plus, sometimes I will make questionable actions and want to defend my line of thinking through that monologue. It’s also a great way to practice my Podcast efforts and speech.

Oh I forgot!

Seriously, I forgot to mention this too. I sold a couple of lifetime passes! Which was also an initiative under the MDC. And they do count under the total earnings!

Fuck, I REALLY need to look back. Because that’s at least 7K on top.

We Are Back

All I am saying is, the MDC is back and we will get back at it this week. Probably with a slow start but will also craft a dashboard in Notion for public eyes.

I ignored my Discord server for a while but will make my return and hopefully blow some new life into it. I am ready to reach that million this year. Are you?