Supercharged: Why It Makes Sense

FocusX has not only be my private Discord Group, but it also became a huge source of building meaningful relationships with people.

Those relationships can extend to partnerships and this is what happened between Evan and me. Even being the original creator of Supercharged.

Fast forward into the conversation, we agreed to co-found the project.

Aside: the irony is that I never called myself a founder or co-founder in anything.


here is why it makes sense for me to go with Supercharged:


Less Consulting

In a previous blog post, I mentioned I am phasing out high ticket consulting and focus on LaunchPad.

And whilst the traditional route would be productizing knowledge and sell courses or ebooks, sales in this landscape can heavily fluctuate and sometimes feel more of a traditional rat race with not enough return.

Then SaaS makes more sense for me.

In a way where I can work with Evan to work on a platform that provides lots of automated output for project managers, consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs that:

  • Cannot fork up the costs hiring experts
  • Want to automate boring tasks
  • Literally supercharge their productivity with lesser brain capacity and still 10X their day


Being in the management consulting space for years serving low and high ticket clients, Supercharged can potentially become an extension of myself.

Except a co-pilot fueled by AI but with a lot of DNA of my experience.

More often than not, I advise my clients the same thing: Ensure that you imprint the DNA of yourself into your own business. A business should be an extension of your own DNA, which leads to enhancing the corporate DNA of that business.

And corporate DNA is something LOTS of founders or builders never take into consideration. And this is why I think Supercharged is an absolute blessing for me to co-found it and bring it to new heights.

Current State

Supercharged has been around for about 6 months and proved its worth to the public with over 1400 users and a handful of paying customers.

And the current documents that can be provided are limited to a small number. But we plan to change that and add more output on a frequent basis.

This includes a new layout of the homepage, possible a more personal backend and providing better value for paying users.

I am currently in conversation with Evan on how we go to market in 2024 and how it fits our timelines and workload.

But I feel there is a nice balance between his abilities and mine.


I can’t code for shit. Never touched a line of code except the occasional copy paste CSS or HTML in a WordPress website. And this is already a plus EV move having a team that knows the code side and the commercial accument side of things.

With Evan’s experience as a project manager/developer and my experience in overall business acumen and consulting, Supercharged can turn into a Swiss knife for a large audience that is looking to optimize their workload.

Sometimes it makes a lot more sense to partner or team up with people with different backgrounds to ensure growth and stability with lesser risk of ruin.


This is another major advantage why Supercharged is a perfect fit for me. The storytelling.

Since I am currently trying to increase my personal brand equity on X or other platforms, I like to pick my openers depending whom I am addressing.

If people would ask me why I phase out consulting, I can give them a long complicated answer that none of them will understand. Or I can explain I am transforming my experience into a SaaS model that I can recommend using, simply because I printed my own DNA into it.

Imagine me launching a security tool or password manager with zero prior cyber security experience. It would just not resonate or sit well with people making it much harder to trust the brand, let alone convert them into users.

Bringing up past consulting experience would fit into a story that translates into marketing and finding better product market fit for end-users in different brackets.

What’s next?

Well, it’s end of the year and just like anyone else it’s a bit of slower month. But you can expect seeing updates on my blog here and in public. There are great ideas brewing behind the scenes and 2024 will turn just a bit brighter with a Supercharged and my road to PE.