Chinese New Year, Break & Slite

It’s been exactly 2 months. 2 months of non-stop blogging every day and I was considering going to sprint until the end of the year. Cannot even believe I went for it 2 months straight up with no friction.

There’s only one problem. I might not be able to do that with the busiest time of the year for me outside of work. And I already fucked myself over having too many calls this week which puts me in a pickle.

But, if anything from Friday evening until Monday I won’t be here.

There is a high chance I will break my streak from today until Monday so I can spend my time on things that matter more than just blogging.

Just like Chinese New Year was a time for spring cleaning at home, (which still freakin hurt btw) I decided to revise my current stack for personal knowledge management. 

After in-depth back and forth between tools, I decided to leave Notion and Obsidian behind me for PERSONAL note-taking and admin stuff.

It’s not going to be eliminated since shared spaces on Notion with LaunchPad members are critical. However, I realized that my risk factor grew upon scaling and I wanted to find an alternative.

Turns out that the alternative is a much better option for me (personally).

I did NOT even hear about SLITE until now.

But turns out SLITE is the blend between Notion, Obsidian, and FAR more lean without compromising.

Don’t get me wrong, Obsidian is great but there are some details I absolutely hate about it, and too dependent on community plugins to make it function.

Notion is… well I still think it’s a dumpster fire like ClickUp but still better. ClickUp is just the worst for me. But that opinion is primarily driven by their spam and incompetency in how to learn that when a person clicks the unsub button, it’s a signal not to keep sending me fucking emails you morons.

And Notion went into a trap where they added way too many features on top of features that make it hard to organize.

I love that SLITE is drilling on Personal Knowledge Management and stuck to its core. With the actual right dashboard, the right navigation, and the right about everything for me.

It’s been a while since I have been so excited about a tool that would increase my efficiency by 7-15%.

I measured it by:

  • keyboard shortcuts
  • organizing a folder/doc
  • navigation
  • Ease of use
  • non-complexity
  • when typing in domains like it auto adds the link, saves me hours a year
  • ability to organize much better than Notion
  • ability to NOT spend too much time organizing things as you do in Obsidian

This delivers me about 1 hour per day more if I would count 8-hour workdays.

Transition Time

This will take a while, and I think by pausing the blogging for a couple of days, I can smoothly transit content from 2 platforms to another and build a new KM base for myself.

On the condition that I am not too drunk of course during Chinese New Year.

Most of my audience and LP members are not on this side of the world, so I do hope they will understand that Chinese New Year is sacred. 

It’s not just one day. It’s 15 days straight up. 

That doesn’t mean I can afford to stay off-grid for 15 days. But I will be out from the 9th until the 12th of February. 


Progress often requires change and this is one of those things where SLITE comes into the spotlight. It would also be the first application I am considering using the AI functions. It feels right. It was never right (for me) in other places, except Superhuman.

I have been running the same stack for ages and with the growth of LaunchPad, external partnerships and upcoming acquisitions, SLITE will be a game changer.

If they were only able to pair it with, I would be working on steroids times three.

Happy New Year from the East.