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Almost three weeks ago, I was at the hospital. Staying overnight with my wife for a standard operation procedure to remove her thyroids.

Some of you readers are aware of that and during my stay overnight with her, I was listening in on the Build Show and Tell show, started FocusX and was trading futures, equities and commodities like a maniac on a laptop screen during the FED announcement and interest rates.

That was, because there was nothing to worry about.

After all, removing the thyroids was a standard procedure.

But last week, we got called in to go back to the hospital and consult with her doctor.

Told us they found cancer in her thyroids that were removed but traces of cancer were found in her bones and body.

Which until today, I am still confused how it goes or what actually is going on, since the explanation is in traditional Chinese and my Chinese is not good enough to fully understand the implications.

When you hear the word cancer, immediate response would be panic. But as far as I understood, the stage it’s in is treatable in an efficient way.

But my wife is very sensitive to changes (as in feeling sick, headaches etc) and I already saw the last few months a massive change.

Change as in more headaches, more troubles breathing or just feeling unwell at random.

The removal of the thyroids made it worse and the medicine she is currently taking cause side effects that amplify her sensitivity.


What it does for me currently:

  • Adjusting my schedules, deploying more resources and people to keep the wheels running in ongoing business.
  • Lesser sleep, even though I am already famous (in FocusX group) for sleeping less than 4 hours a day. Because when she might wake up, I want to be there.


Nothing will change really.

  • Quivi will still be build
  • FocusX group will still be managed and I am currently working on my first internal podcast. (currently 9 or 10 members in the channel)
  • I am still doing my million dollar challenge
  • Any other existing business I own is managed by others, so no interruptions
  • I am still deploying my Private Equity Fund for micro-acquisitions
  • I am still hyper focused every day on futures trading, equities and hedge fund actitvities, as that is my primary business.(It’s not SEO, media/publishing or SaaS as most people think)
  • Had a plan to build 10 supermicro-saas in stealth mode, and that plan is still going. So no interruptions.


I am currently in an adjustment period, until we have more clarity on her health and what to do.

But I do will try to find more 0MRR startups and Indies that need their first revenue. Except, on a slower pace.

I will still launch that Indie Startup Kit I promised where I will donate others X amount of tools for a year. Except, I might need more time to compile this

Lesser Tweets will go out on my account, because I try to focus on FocusX

Finding extra help to manage her e-commerces so she’s not worried

What else?

Not much, really.

I read people’s comments on my recent Tweet and I was happy reading them.

But I want to stress out that the cancer currently found is still OK-ish as in treatable or to kill it swiftly. But just unsure how long it will take or what future impact it has on her health, post-treatment.

If anything, just DM me on Twitter or email me at

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