Brands & Activities

Insight Sigma

Management consulting for awesome people on Discord and Twitter.


Going from zero to something. A personal growth incubator for builders and brands going to market.


Domain portfolio management tool for domain investors. A more efficient platform managing hundreds, if not thousands of domains in their portfolio.

Delta Seven

Hybrid investment fund with currently 150K AUM.


A genuine group of people that help each other, with themed weekly calls and presentations of MVPs, builds or problems that require feedback.

Wall Street Bust

A collaborative space, traders of all levels of expertise converge to exchange insights, strategies, and experiences.

Kuna Studios

Our lab where we experience in different fields and verticals with a turn and burn principle.

Kuna Host

High performance cPanel cloud WordPress hosting for bloggers and SME's.


A second brain and AI search engine allowing you to tap into bigger or better resources.

Ose AI

A smarter keyword tool for niche bloggers


Media & publishing network under OOS. Leverage and hedge into private equity.


Discover leads, track millions of growing companies and expand your data analysis.