Not so long ago, I had my finger yet on the instant buy button for a domain name. Even though I am trying to get the fuck out of this industry, it seems I am adding another one. (Thanks Esus)

But not to shelve it and sell it for profit. No no. But some fling came to mind which now looks even harder to decide than before.

Hub Or Rebrand

I am in a limbo. Oos is a username and brand that will always stick. Probably still carries the most weight. But I do not put lots of effort in the actual corporate side of things.

I was considering using OOSHQ as a blog and shifting the rest under a different name.

Since I am betting on the blogging side more, it only makes sense to change/transform but there are severe implications.

For whatever reason, I love the domain boringHQ. Just because I am very much for boring businesses and I rely less on trends.

Boring business is my primary driver. And I came to think I should maybe drill on this particular topic on X, being more authoritative.

It does fit, along with NanoBets or FocusX. I am not very much into trends nor will I teach others about it because lifecycles or shelflife is too volatile when one just starts.

Looking back, most of the stuff I do is classified as boring. And I would prefer to be more recognized in this bracket alongside with Delta Seven.

Since part of my investment thesis is buying boring businesses, I see no problem shifting that route.


Been wandering around X for so long with Oos that it’s hard to change that. It still started as a joke, and I am going to stick with it, just like I ask Ewa to join FocusX in every tweet or reply.

My implications are minimal when I think it through. I am not someone that really builds in public and never will be.

I also do not need to consider X as my nucleus ever because that would be a single point of failure.

I am processing on how I would use the domain and maybe it would be something like this:

  • Use it as a hub of my boring headquarters
  • Separating the blogging part
  • Talk about boring business only just like Boring Cash Cow?
  • Add a directory of boring businesses

This would deffo be up my alley to niche down and promote my other small brands on top.

Looking at how I want to pursue NanoBets and voice media, this is an opportunity to trickle a similar subject.

My only fear would be becoming a Codie Sanchez, but then I am thinking why not? She bets big on it and is ahead of me when you combine Private Equity, Acquisitions, and Boring.


For now I am flipping for it. And I will see how FocusX responds to it.

But I am convinced that it’s viable enough.

X does not know I play high-stakes poker, do LaunchPad (well some do), do day trade like a maniac, or know anything about my actual activities that I never mentioned in public.
Just like very few know I sold my bamboo pillowcase company a month ago. All those things fly under the radar for a reason.

I am very thin spread on authority on X, by design. But I do want to find a clearer direction where I combine PE, Acquisitions, and Boring in one go.

Maybe BoringHQ is the way to go?

I will let you know.