Followers vs Audience: Not The Same

I have been increasing my efforts on X for a while now, and I am not particularly using any other channels to document the journey I want to share in public.

The smaller circle knows I am going very unfiltered and once in a while I will drop more f-bombs in a post or Tweet than a 1000 page book.

Not so long ago, I joined in on an X Spaces, hosted by Paul. Turned into a full fledged conversation for almost about 90 minutes.

The theme evolved around followers/friends/small accounts and I pointed out that followers are not the same as audience. Fast forward, noting down my perspective in this blog post.

Vanity Metric

Once in a while, I see others sharing their insane growth on X. Thanking their audience they went from 0 to 500 followers in 1 day. Or reaching 5k-10K followers in a certain period of time like it’s the nucleus of being successful.

Scrolling trough those feeds, I noticed that once in a while those accounts just created the right thread that sparked more interest and virality than usual and basically jacked up their follower count.

Past that, the engagement factor or ratio stagnates and made little to no difference if they would have had 1K followers over 10K.

And this is where you would start to find differences between a true audience vs a follower.

Here is how I separate them:


Followers are acquired through tweets, conversations or replies that were insightful at the time for people. And a natural instinct by many people is to hit that follow button without thinking twice about it.

A prime example

I recently Tweeted two things:

  • I was looking to acquire projects for my road to PE. My follower count surged and got over 100 followers in less than a few hours
  • I was looking for someone who can build me 6 MVPs in 2024, and got flooded by DMs, follower count surged and that was the end of it

What that means for me is that followers are often just a more spontaneous reaction based on a short-term interest but actually do not care about your overall DNA, personality or story. It’s primarily very snippet – event driven, based on impulse.

Those followers rarely interact with you, or would engage in future tweets, replies.

Most of the followers I have personally:

  • Observe, or sometimes interested but primarily for own gain
  • Rarely go more in-depth with you
  • Are not my audience


An audience, I see them more a natural progression from being a follower becoming true fans that are genuinely interested in your journey, insights or details.

You can often see that your real audience will drop the occasional like, comment or ask more questions.

But I also noticed that an audience translates into $$$.

A prime example:

When I started the Million Dollar Challenge, I was looking to make my first dollars to set up a baseline (bankroll). Since I was not allowed to use external resources, I decided to find clients on X or Discord.

Fast forward: I made over 30K in the first month through X with an audience which was about less than 1% of my entire following by the time.

I want to point out that I had less than 500 followers back then (currently over 1K) and I just pinpointed who could be a true audience I can target that either:

  • Supports me in my journey
  • Is looking for actual services
  • Truly wants to know more depths than a fling (aka response or tweet)
  • Wants to follow you across multiple channels outside of a platform like X (e.g. Discord, Newsletter)

The 1%

See, for me difference between an audience and following is that an audience is the true one percent of your network. That 1% is what you need to define and stay in touch with at any given time.

This could be genuine connection, potential sales, or someone you can de-platform from a place like X.

Today someone asked me about the merits of newsletter and blog posts. And I promised her to enlighten this in a write up.

Here is my observation:

X should be seen as a vehicle to express yourself, document a journey that will acquire you a certain following. But the risk of social media is that people are fickle. They might love you today, but hate you tomorrow.

You want to funnel your 1% through different channels (aka your true audience) and get them into a place like Discord, Newsletter or personal email list.

This applies also for blogging. And this is what I am doing as well.

I decided to jack up my blogging activities on OOSHQ, to acquire a larger following and dig through them until I see who belongs to the 1%. Eventually I want them to de-platform from X and build more closer inner circles outside of X.

Yes X is a great vehicle but it should be seen as a primary driver to actually build a better audience. It’s not because you made two hero Tweets or Threads and your account blew up that you became a rockstar where conversions or engagement will spike overnight.

If I have to look at blogging – X – Newsletter:

I would blog more, reaching an organic user base, that potentially want to follow you on X and/OR want to subscribe to your newsletter.

Those that subscribe, can be considered as an audience that have genuine interests in YOU and YOUR activities. Readers that bump into a blog posts through X or organic search not necessarily are that interested (yet). You might read a blog post, click away and forgot about who wrote it.


I don’t have a large social media presence, nor influence from the outside. But what I do know is that my tiny account has created more impact than some 10K accounts because I focused on building a better audience leaving the vanity metrics out.

I rather have an account with 100 followers but the ratio of engagement is 10X than a 10K account and you barely see anything moving.

How do I know? Because a large part of my audience followed me on LaunchPad,FocusX, NanoBets, Services or launches, MDC and a few newsletters. Which represents about 1-3% of my entire count on X.

My audience is far more valuable than the follower count displayed.