‘Seeking out stressors and challenges to grow stronger and better.’

Once in a while, I watch an episode of Billions. A TV show that ran for 7 seasons in total and the first 4 seasons got me hooked.

Whilst that took me a while to even watch one for 50 mins without distractions, there are quotes and parts I almost live by. And I re-watch fragments of certain episodes to remind myself what and why the fuck I am doing it.

What’s so weird about Billions is that… it resonates to my trajectory. The killer instinct, the road to make billions, the sharp minds and high-level of conversations made the show truly a gem for me.

And I want to copy-paste a quote from one of main characters during an episode where they were going to bankrupt an entire town.


It is unfortunate, offensive actually, to even be talking about this, and that people have to live in near-poverty. But in many ways, a town is like a business.

And when a business operates beyond its means, when numbers don’t add up, and the people in charge continue on, heedless of that fact, sure that some sugar daddy, usually in the form of the Federal Government, will come along and scoop them up and cover the shortfalls, well, that truly offends me.

People might say you hurt this town. But in my opinion, the town put the hurt on itself. Corrections are in order. There’s a way to make this work, and that way is hard, but necessary. As Taleb says, become antifragile, or die.

Once we do this, the town will face that challenge and come out stronger. Or it will cease being. Either result absolutely natural, as in, of nature itself.

I read that dozens, if not hundreds of times over, and over again. And just like a painting, I see always… newer perspectives that I can apply today or tomorrow in my trajectory to super wealth.

That’s right. Super wealth. A few months back, I was fine settling for what I have. Today I am only satisfied reaching something north to a 100 Million USD, which I will explain in a different blog post.


Whilst, there are many many ways to look at it, and very scenario dependent, I am going to reflect based on my observations in 2023 and X. Which is the most relevant for my current audience by the time of writing.

‘Operates beyond its means

This could mean anything. But my understanding is that lots of people on X have operated beyond their capacity or ability to make it work. I am not talking about building it, but running it.

But nobody will come along and cover your shortfalls. Revenue that came from the same old’ circle on X is not validation for your product or business. The numbers still do not add up because it sends a false signal how strong you really are positioned in a market filled with sharks or competitors.

I’ve seen indie makers constantly buying from indie makers and then it… vanishes.

I want you to think about this for a moment.

The town put the hurt on itself

And I think that’s true. X is the town. Circles on X are the villages and we became so fragile like a house of cards that it requires a correction.

We did it to ourselves really and I am equally guilty on that.

Remember that I supported lots of indies to get them their first MRR? And I deliberately failed to miss my target because the market needs a correction.

I once wrote a post how Indie community failed on me and nearing the end of 2023, I have not seen any change that can convince me otherwise.

I swayed back and forth whether I would support the same community in 2024, and I decided not to.

At least, not in the way I was doing so. Because tossing dollars at random people is not going to cut it.

Instead, I am going for a market correction on my own terms and focus on only the 1% of that circle that shares a similar vision or drive.

Ok, big words, and my influence is as much as a drop on a hot plate but still, I am taking a stance on being the villain over hero when there are clearly flaws in those circles that require a huge wake-up call. We hurt ourselves by supporting the same people over and over. And I see that by simple examples such as:

  • Same people popping up on testimonials over and over again
  • Same people voting for one another on Product Hunt
  • Same people firmly believe the Indie path is the only path

But, corrections are in play and I am going to step away from this base. I want to find those stressors (1%) on a new level and the challenges I am facing in 2024 will already be tough enough.

Become antifragile, or die

‘A property of systems that increase in capability, resilience, or robustness as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.’

I can only do this, when I carve out my own path so I can take the volatility without noise. Because I know 2024 is a big year for myself and that will be filled with mistakes, failures or attacks.

Resilience is one thing I learned over the years, but becoming antifragile is the next level I am heading to.

And that quote from Billions always reminds where the fuck I am at, and how I should observe the world around me that’s currently crumbling but can recover if they do it right. Except, I am only around with the 1% around me and I will feel less emotionally attached to the rest of those ‘villages‘.

I predict a correction in 2024 in those circles, by nature itself or forced upon. Losses will incur and others will scoop up the projects for pennies on the dollar (Micro-PE e.g.) but we only have to blame ourselves because nobody will cover our shortfalls.