The Akumi Corporation: What I Plan With It

So. It’s not that I have nothing else to do, but it’s been brewing for a while and momentum indicates how much I want to run hotter than the sun.

Found it an ideal Sunday phase out post to elaborate a bit the how and why.


I want to clarify again that I am no ‘Indie Hacker’ (and I still hate this term) nor solo builder/entrepreneur. Before my wife retired, she was always working on our e-commerce businesses and publishing side and there is a team handling most of the things that aren’t displayed on X or public.

Stating this (again), there are a few observations I made over the last 6 months, especially from FocusX members and our joint efforts in launching:

Success wasn’t achieved as a solo. But as a cohesive unit where different skills, perspectives and contributions made its way to go from zero to MVP and launch it into fucking orbit with success.

After our Buy A Pixel win, I started to mentally mind map an idea and came to the conclusion that the upsides outweigh the downsides.

Meet, The Akumi Corporation.

What’s With The Name?

  • In Hiragana :あくみ
  • In Katakana: アクミ

The meaning of Akumi

  • Sky
  • Beauty
  • Clear sense of purpose
  • Thrives on change
  • Like exploring new ideas


Pulled that from my OG days in poker.

The highest stakes poker match of all time was played over the course of a few years, between Andrew Beal and a group of professional poker players called “The Corporation.” 

How I Got There

The Akumi Corporation represents a lab/studio that builds MVPs or projects at the highest level possible (ref. highest stakes in poker) within our current capacity and likes exploring new ideas as a think tank or cohesive unit.

No Solo. Only Teams

Solo is great and all, but solo can also mean just kicking a rock whilst team efforts can move mountains. I went from ideation phase to concept and invited/asked around who’s interested to build projects in different verticals with others aiming for monetization as fast as possible.

Deliberately I picked people with very different experience and skills to prove that even when you have your own personal leaks or lack of experience, so much can be done and learned within the Akumi Corp.

Who’s In?

I favored people under LP and FocusX over anyone else outside my circles. But also there is already so much talent amongst them that I didn’t see any reason yet to onboard ‘strangers’.

The Akumi Corporation currently contains:

  • Myself – Tactical Ops, GTM and management
  • Constantin – Development
  • Konstantin – Design, UX and UI
  • Tenniel – C++, software engineer
  • Khalen – BI and Analysis
  • Nassim – B2B SaaS, GTM & Marketing

Why Them?

For some it’s to rack up more experience. For others it’s to craft a better personal story or find an entrance to build a better personal brand.

But each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to us to push ourselves to the highest stakes possible.

What’s The Plan?

I am still working on the logistics, but you can see The Akumi Corporation as a growth lab/studio where experiments will be conducted until we find Product Market Fit with one and monetize it as fast possible.

Once we reached our limits, we can decide if there’s room for new blood and/or expand the group with individuals that can plug the leaks.

Yup, another thing coming in 2024, but it’s not going to impact my current workload that much. I already shuffled my calendars and optimized my time where I deffo see more room for experiments.

My motivation? Writing more history with a strategy that maximizes our mutual win-rate.

I will document the progress on my podcast under PodBlaze, including blog posts.