FocusX Panel: Adjustments

Since January 2024, my private Discord group launched an additional side-event every Wednesday.

FocusX Panel.

Guests outside of the private group can come in and pitch their project/startup to a closed audience.

It’s free for people on X to apply and the panel includes all FocusX members with different backgrounds and skills.

However, after a month of dry-running the concept, there were some flaws and leaks that needed plugging.

Here’s what I found out:

  • Duration
  • Preparation on either side
  • Moderation

My Mistakes

We whipped up the concept, launched the FocusX panel, and had some great sessions so far.

But here is my biggest mistake:

I did not add a proper onboarding form for people to fill in.

The questions in the form are great, but I need to add a separate guideline for guests.

That guideline should include, times or expectations, etc.
For example, if you were to demo your project, focus on the top 3 features and ensure that the demo does not take longer than XYZ minutes.

If I were to implement a better guideline, this would help shape the length and pace of the FocusX Panel.

Since that was never highlighted, sometimes the panel was taking almost 2 hours and we try to cap it around 1 hour.

More Moderation

Again my fault. I understand that we can get carried away over feedback or giving feedback. But I need to moderate more once we go off-track. FocusX members will understand. Especially when multiple people are waiting to provide input.

That means I need to step up as a moderator and steer the conversation a little bit.

We don’t want another BST experience. And I cannot afford more of those late-nighters going to bed at 4 AM. (FocusX Panel is midnight my time)


I need to factor in a small block of time before the presentation happens. As in visit or re-visit their project or build. Possibly test drive it or request temporary access to their MVP.

Maybe even ask the presenter if a few FocusX members can test drive it for 24 hours at no cost (in case it’s not accessible) so our feedback would be even more valuable.

I want to eliminate the ad-hoc style as much as possible so the presentation means more for the presenter (in terms of feedback).


I have the tendency to always launch stuff lowkey. And so far so good. But I might have to ‘shout’ more about FocusX and the Panel.

Maybe even write up short journals on this blog under the FocusX category (which I just created).


First things first.

I need to treat the FocusX panel like a startup. Just like anything else and this was my mistake for NOT doing it. Funnily enough we are still booked until the end of February with little to no promo on X.

But that doesn’t mean I need to go all chill about it. I want the FocusX panel to be an integral part of my private Discord Group and that means treating it as a business.