MDC Update #6: Picking Up Steam

This was long overdue, and some people nudged me to hear if there was any update on the Million Dollar Challenge.

It took some serious time for me to recover mentally and physically working my way through a huge backlog but here we are.

Re-calibrating myself and finding new strength on the live poker felt for a while helped me clear my mind and declutter an insane clusterfuck of stuff.

However, I kept working in the background. Especially for clients in consulting under the MDC, LaunchPad and Kizuna.

Changes have been made, and here’s what happened:

Acquisition of Keymentions

The most important one really. Yesterday I came to an agreement and terms with Constantin, one of the builders I helped building and launching Buy A Pixel during my transition period.

I acquired Keymentions from him and I plan to take it to the next level.

My plan is to turn it into an ORM tool, and lead-opportunity platform for startups or brands that are engaging on Reddit.

Brand buzz, reputation management and deep search mentions are a real thing. And whilst this business isn’t the fanciest, I prefer boring businesses that can stand the test of time.

The platform right now is somewhat ‘broken’ and requires a lot of debugging and fixing, but nothing unsolvable. It’s almost ready in Alpha stage and I hopefully will roll out Alpha in January, after the USOP series.

It will be a SaaS, but currently set in pre-order and during the first day of the acquisition, I managed to capture two pre-orders without giving a lot of buzz around the acquisition.

But acquiring is the easy part.

Strategical pivots

Admitted, it’s not my first rodeo in the micro acquisition space and I will treat it like any other major business.

My plan is to build an entire in-depth playbook for this and share it along the group members of FocusX, including the ‘stakeholders’ that were caught by surprise during the Delta Seven mini fundraise for the MDC.

My plan is to:

  • Rebrand parts of it
  • Re-defining a better ICP
  • Turn it into a boring SaaS
  • Make the business more predictable from a management POV
  • Build a marketing playbook for Keymentions
  • Making it more resilient for upcoming trends or shifts in the space of ORM
  • Reach at least 2KMRR within the next 12 months

I am looking forward turning his prototype and idea into something sustainable.

What Else?

I ignored for a few weeks the Useless Newsletter, but help is on the way and someone will assist me curating content for this fun build.

Nonetheless, that is alive and well and we are going to crank it up a notch, being more consistent in the editions on a weekly basis.

This is part of a master 7D chess move for the MDC and experimental reach and will hopefully become more clear for my audience in 6 months from now.


Been overhauling LaunchPad, which is currently going slower than I expected. The new update is NOT live yet (layout and pricing)

What’s weird is that I had tons of leads willing to join LaunchPad, but for some reason it has been a super hard bargain to get them to commit to it.

So I decided to overhaul it, but it will also come with a price hike. Realizing that $99 per month for me spending 1-2 hours a month on the phone and aftercare /Notion documentation is not worth it and I rather elevate it to a higher level for people that see the true value in it.

For those who are still interested, then you would be grandfathered in on the current pricing before the hike comes into place.

Final Note

There is actually too much to share, and I will try my best updating a lot more through blog posts and different elements of my own personal journey. Which I neglected to share.

However, exciting times ahead and there are at least 3 new surprises coming in 2024 I have NOT even mentioned yet.