Abandoning An Entire Segment: “Indie Hackers”

In 2023, I started to support Indie entrepreneurs in public. I did this actually for many years but usually outside of X.

Now, I am less drawn to the entire ongoing mindset of those who call themselves Indie Hackers (ffs I still hate this term) and the more I was using X, the more words I started to mute.

The last couple of weeks I did some hygiene checks on X and it was not long before I realized that my feed was overcrowded with the same content.

I had to start muting words like MRR, Product Hunt, Indie Hacker, and boilerplate.

Once I did that, my entire feed freed up from repetitive content.


Don’t get me wrong. I am all for micro-economy and entrepreneurship but I am very much against the lifestyle being sold on X where the same small circle keeps living in the same small world.

I talked with lots of ‘Indie Hackers’ in the last 12 months. And there were only very few that could open up different perspectives and were not stuck on the “I am going DIY and spend 100 hours on it so I can save 2 dollars” mindset.

I have witnessed too many crybabies think they are entitled because others are copying the same idea with a similar layout and genuinely believe that their idea is superior to another.

But that just might happen when the same template is being sold over and over again to the same small circle because the idea of ‘ship fast’ comes with the templates used.

Too many only want cheap. Yes, every situation is different and not everyone has the means to use the same premium stack but there is a difference.

They want free or cheap because they don’t always understand the concept of time, trade-offs being made, or exposure to risk.

Whilst I perfectly understand that free or cheap is in many cases viable, I tend to see that they don’t even consider anything else.

They want free or cheap or complain Google Workspace costs $6 for an email address.

They are also the ones looking to hike their prices for their projects because there’s this genuine feel that they deserve more but anyone else deserves less of their $. It’s kinda ironic, isn’t it?

Too Small

Either the world I am living has shrunk, or there is less in it. Or both.

But after inspecting hundreds of Indie projects, and seeing the same people on the ‘social proof’ testimonial section talking I cannot take any build seriously anymore.

Just like Product Hunt where the upvotes are done by the same circles.

They upvote, yes.

Do they buy? Probably not.

Have they even tried the product? Few of them.

The entire cycle starts to look more like a Ponzi scheme rather than genuine organic traction. And seeing the same faces painted everywhere on every goddamn project is for a me sign to get the fuck out of this segment.

I am not an ‘Indie Hacker’, and for sure I am not going to blow smoke up everyone’s asses in the hopes they will buy from me or vote for my product or Tweet about it so they can use it as a testimonial even if you never even used it.

Patterns emerged and the same circles showed up every time, and it was then I realized that this segment was too small for me.

I love Indie, I Hate Indie Hackers

Again, I am a big fan of solo entrepreneurs or Indie entrepreneurs who are creative and build solid businesses.

The reality is that those solo entrepreneurs are usually NOT found online in public. But Indie Hackers are.

I still don’t know what the fuck is going with this term, but the majority I have seen using this term is more lifestyle driven than process or goal driven.

Because it comes with the public persona:

  • The ship fast kill fast mentality
  • The ‘start a business with zero dollars using’
  • 12 MVPS in 12 months and see what sticks
  • The ‘fuck code’ but let’s use no-code only
  • $9 dollar SaaS syndromes
  • Upvote this product from X person because…
  • I want to buy LTDs only but I will sell mine as a subscription
  • Someone stole my idea, I was the first
  • Wow I have now 3000 followers
  • Urge to post every day MRR charts and numbers
  • Shitposting for engagement
  • When I left my $350K job at META…. ffs Nick STFU about it and just do your thing. After repeating it 20948484 times I think they all know you worked at META

My observation was that those who started to believe they were “Indie Hackers” started to act like fancy degenerates in their world without realizing how much fundamentals they miss.

I know a LOT of solo entrepreneurs in real life and online. Outside of X and Reddit, they work, act, or operate very differently.

They don’t see business as a lifestyle. They have clear goals, surround themselves with smarter people, and work with clear objectives. They see different values than what you see on X.

They value time and are not hung up on vanity metrics. They don’t have the urge to build a new persona on X for engagement just to attract noise.

They understand how the golden ratio works. They understand that hiring an expert for an hour will yield better results. They print more money in their boring business than most of the ‘Indie Hackers’ can dream of.

Just because they work on their terms. Not so much to entertain a crowd or herd mentality that you start to agree on because of fear they might not vote for your next PH launch.

Be Yourself

I never said I am an” Indie Hacker”, Indie Entrepreneur. Never said I am a CEO either, or a founder of XYZ. I am just me. Doing shit I want to do and operate the way I see fit as myself with my team.

I believe lots of the newer ‘Indie Hackers’ were drawn into it because of the fancy buzzwords and mentality. But at the end of the day, it’s just fluff wrapped up in more fluff and you soon start lying to yourself about this ‘Indie Hacker’ journey.

The amount of people being highly successful on X is just a super tiny fraction of the entire landscape. The majority of business owners, solo or team is NOT active on X.

I want you to take a look back at how you started and why you started. Rather than comparing yourself with others and being someone you don’t want to be.

If you really feel “Indie Hacker” is YOUR thing and you think exactly that this is who you are, then that’s fine.

If you doubt, then you might have to reconsider the why. And maybe realize that this was presented more as a lifestyle rather than a future.

Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s lonely. It’s frustrating and it’s not meant for everyone.

Yes, I Am Leaving

Took me a while to pull the trigger but I feel this is not the place I want to be in anymore. I have outgrown this circle. Or that circle has outgrown me.

Maybe I am too harsh or I could never find that alignment. Maybe I missed something.

Either way I am leaving the segment behind that sees themselves as “Indie Hackers”. Those who I believe adopt a lifestyle only the 1% in this bracket will ever achieve.

I rather focus on people who have aspirations of being true entrepreneurs. I would rather focus on solo entrepreneurs who build businesses with a killer instinct mindset and who don’t use labels to belong somewhere.

PS: I am still supporting solo entrepreneurs getting them their first MRR. Except it’s not on X anymore.